Look what followed us home...

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Look what followed us home...

...and it looks like we're going to keep her.


We were not looking for another pooch, but higher powers tend to work in mysterious ways, and 16-month old "Jade" appeared as if by sorcery...

(Actually, more through the good offices of Frank Bickley at Westhampton One-Stop Pet.)

...and who were we to gainsay what the fates have decreed.

She runs somewhere in the 85-90 pounds range, is fully papered (and microchip-implanted) and, after a whirlwind round of the obligatory butt-sniffing, socialized famously with "Gracie" and "Rosco."

Welcome to our home, dear sweet "Jade."


1. Gale said...

Why was she available?

Complications within the original family. (No, she didn't eat the neighbors' cats.)
– Dean

2. Dragonette said...

I love that you're a big mush when it comes to the doggies. Congratulations on the new family member, can't wait to meet her. Will Madam Speir be training her to chase off the vagrant deer that wander about the property?

It is Madame Speir's furious wish that Jade's presence will have a salubrious effect in her decades' long battle against the depredations of the deer.

3. Jackie Bennett said...

She's lovely. Congratulations on your new baby. I am eager to meet her.

You will, I'm sure.

4. Jeanne Speir said...

OMG! She is a huge addition to the family. What a beautiful monster puppy!

Aside from making her comfortable here, the first objective is to get some excess avoirdupois off of Jade, and m'self. She's a good walker, so some late night strolls while it's cool and without distractions should work well.

5. Katrina said...

What a beauty!

We think so.

It looks like we're about to rename her: "Sassy," short for "Sasquatch," 'cause this girl has BIG feet which your mother and I have taken the full weight of on several occasions. (We're going to have to work in some "Personal Space" training, I think.)
– Dean

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