July Village Board Meeting

Monday, July 06, 2015

July Village Board Meeting

...which by custom and code is Westhampton Beach's annual organizational meeting where the newly elected Trustees are administered their oaths of office attended by raucous huzzahs by friends and well-wishers, appoint­ments are made, finanacial institutions and media are given official designations, etc.

Village Clerk Elizabeth Lindtvit swears in freshman Trustee Bryan Tymann

After the swearing in of Trustees Rob Rubio and Bryan Tymann by Clerk of the Village Elizabeth Lindtvit, the evening's agenda was called, highlighted by:

  1. The Riverhead law firm of Esseks, Hefter & Angel were re-appointed to serve the Village Attorneys for the Boards of Trustees, Planning and Zoning Appeals for an annual retainer of $63,000.00.
  1. Anthony Rattoballi was re-appointed as Special District Attorney to prosecute Village Justice Court cases at an hourly rate of $150.00.
  2. Junior Palmer was re-upped as Deputy Mayor.
  3. Victor Levy will continue to guide the Planning Board as its Chairman for another year.
  4. In a move which is not likely to find favor with applicants before the Architectural Review Board, Irina Richardson was appointed for another five years.
  5. The long-dormant Conservation Advisory Council was re-constituted as the Conservation Advisory Board with the appointments of one-time South­ampton Town Trustee William Bennett, Patricia Schaefer, Christopher Clapp and Raymond Dowd as members and new Trustee Brian Tymann its Chairperson.
  6. There was almost a cleaning house with the Ethics Board (née Committee) with sole hold-over Carol Matthews being joined by new appointees Bob Lilley, Ralph Hubbard and Barbara Rasmussen, and Trustee Ralph Urban.
  7. Designated the Southampton Press Western Edition as the municipality's sole Official Newspaper.
  8. Upon the notification of the Building Department, the premises located at 41 Sunset Avenue not being maintained as required pursuant to §96-28 and §96-29 of the Village Code, the Highway Department will cut and trim the grass and bushes, the cost of which will become a lien and charge upon the real property.
And finally, the big move of the evening...
  1. As a long-overdue cost-cutting measure, the Board rescinded, effective immediately, all medical and dental insurance benefits to previous Mayors and Trustees (except those [four in number] who have the vested right to receive such insurance benefits in retirement).

    Furthermore, medical and dental insurance for acting Mayors and Trustees elected, re-elected or appointed on or after June 20, 2014 shall only be provided contingent upon payment of the full in­surance premium cost to the Village.

    (Translation: want in on the Village's group plan? It comes ou of the officer-holder's pocket, not that of the taxpayer.)

In the public portion of the meeting, part-time resident and full-time Eruvim-obsessive Jack O'Dwyer made a ten-minute discursive and marginally coherent pitch for residents' unity in opposing the contentious symbolic religious boundary which may or may not be in place surrounding Westhampton Beach.

After some brief clarifications on the resolutions just passed requested by the writer, Mayor Maria Moore called the meeting to a close and prepared to repair to the Great Lawn for her pet Monday Night Movies project.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Which four qualify for health care?

Former Mayors Stu Tobin, "Ham" Andon and Bob Strebel, plus Trustee "Ridgie" Barnett.

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