Times Square Redux...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Times Square Redux...

From one of today's news feeds:

A small bomb caused minor damage to a landmark military recruiting station in the heart of Times Square before dawn Thursday....


Flashback to 1951... I was just coming out of a Horn & Hardart with my folks and standing by that same recruiting station while a large crowd of people were surging across Broadway up the block from us toward the Paramount Theater.

My father, in uniform, asked one of the men staffing the recruiting office:

What's going on?

The police were investigating a report of a bomb purportedly left inside the Paramount, we were told. My father was not only disinterested but eminently pragmatic in the presence of such matters:

Really? Come, my children, we shall see what we shall see in the other direction.

I was disappointed, of course, but upon reflection, his logic was unassailable.

Albert Anastasia's final haircut, October 1957

From that after­noon's World-Telegram and Sun, I learned of "The Mad Bomber" who had been in­con­ven­ienc­ing New Yorkers and Brook­lyn­ites... can't real­ly say he "terrorized" anyone since more people died in barber chair number four at the Park Sher­a­ton Hotel than in those bombings... for more than a decade at that time with his infernal devices.

It would be another five years or so before George Metesky, a man with a grudge against his former employer, United Electric Light & Power Company (now ConEd), over an un­settled injury compensation claim, was identified and apprehended in his Waterbury, Connecticut home.

The Mad Bomber from his jail cell

Metesky, adjudged too "insane" to stand trail (which claim was aid­ed in no small amount by his incar­cer­ation photo, died in '94 without progeny, so it's likely not someone "following in his footsteps."

Today's bombing in mid-town Manhattan has law enforcement on an "all hands" alert seek­ing the perpetrator, last seen via sur­veil­lance camera fleeing the scene on a bicycle at 0345 hours. Among other activities, police are contacting Army-Navy surplus stores and gun shops looking for information about "any suspicious individuals" who may have purchased "ammo cans," apparently the container in which the explosive device was enclosed.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Not to worry, ladies and germs. Hillary is quoted today saying she's on top of it, it's a "crisis," and now that she's proven herself, why that's why we should vote for her and her vast experience.

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