What's wrong with this headline?

Monday, May 11, 2015

What's wrong with this headline?

Currently on 27East:

Westhampton Beach Village Will Consider Plastic Bag Ban

Why "will consider" rather than "are enacting?" What's the problem? What's the downside? What's taking the Village Board so long?

When Westhampton Beach Mayor Maria Moore was asked this question directly at the end of last week's Village Board meeting, her response was a vacillating "We want to learn from Southampton Town, how they enacted their ban on plastic shopping bags."

(I cannot help but reflect that if this were the Conklin or Strebel administration, this would've been done already!)

But here's the problem, even if a single-use plastic bag ban had been enacted coincident with that of Southampton Town... so many residents eschew shopping in the local Waldbaum's that they head to the King Kullen store in Eastport or the multiple choices1 in Riverhead.

And neither of the townships of Brookhaven or Riverhead have enacted a prohibition of any sort against single-use plastic bags, bags which will be transported back this area.

It'll be nice to see Councilman Brad Bender in West­hamp­ton Beach2, but I don't think he's going to be able to shed much light on a complex problem.

Not for nuthin'...

...was a time not long ago that A&P/Waldbaum's used to deduct 2¢ at check-out for each of their branded plastic shopping bags a customer brought back in and reused.

Worked for me... don't know why that was discontinued.

  1. Four for openers: King Kullen, Stop 'n' Shop, Best Market or a somewhat better Waldbaum's.
  2. Where he can always raise his political profile....


1. Coach K said...

Got my new reusable supply last week. Nothing worse than shopping with an old bag.

[rim shot!

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Just got back from visiting Jenn and Paul in California. Forgot my shopping bag one day. Cost for a Safeway paper bag....) 25 cents!

Hey!, it's California, Barb!

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