Southampton Town Board's Sneak Attack

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Southampton Town Board's Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack: an unprovoked, unannounced hostile approach. cf Pearl Harbor 1941, Golan Heights 1967, World Trade Center 2001.

To the above can now be added the notices served yesterday on the property tax-payers of Southampton Town by the Town Board informing them that their property assessments had been increased.

(The modest Speir family homestead went up by 7.6%.)

Here's the sneaky part: Grievance Day is Tuesday, May 19th, and while the increases may be a boon for those attorneys specializing in filing such actions, property ap­praisers like John Blaney are going to be hard-pressed to meet the demand for their services two weeks hence.

And even though I've gotten three mail solicitations in the past month...did they know something?... from firms specializing in property tax reductions, I've used a local barrister, Hugh Merle, who, when I dropped off a copy of my notice an hour ago, observed that I was the 16th tax-payer to do so in the previous 21 hours!

"And you're the least angry property owner of them," he added.

This could get ugly.


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