From the headlines...

Monday, May 04, 2015

From the headlines...

...two items this evening: one in Garland, Texas, which turned out as it was supposed to, and another in Queens which didn't.

Men killed in Garland shooting had assault rifles, body armor

"A quick-thinking Garland police officer shot and killed two gunmen wearing body armor and who opened fire with assault rifles at a controversial art exhibit fea­tur­ing cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad...."

"Quick-thinking?" Okay, but two elements take precedence over that: coolness under pressure and marksmanship, an attribute too often missing from the majority of law en­force­ment professionals1.

Kudos to the as yet unidentified officer who almost cer­tainly saved a number of innocent lives.

Shot NYPD cop dies

"[Demetrius] Blackwell is accused of gunning down [Brian] Moore after the cop and his partner stopped him because he was suspiciously fidgeting with something in his waistband.

'Do you have something in your waist?' Moore asked Blackwell, 35, while sitting behind the wheel of the cops' unmarked car, sources said.

'Yeah, I got something,' Blackwell snarled back.

Blackwell then whipped out a handgun and fired at the cops three times...."

A tragic outcome to a basic weapons stop... unanswered is why neither officer were better prepared for that encounter at the corner of 212th Street and 104th Road in Queens.

A pretty solid sign that...

...Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown, 83, has over-stayed his usefulness:

"The defendant is accused of firing a weapon at two officers without warning...."

Of course, if the criminal had provided a warning, things would have likely turned out differently.

  1. In New York City for example, which maintains the largest police force in the country, the annual Firearms Discharge Report, SOP-9, reveals that approximately only one in ten shots fired by a member if the service, actually hits the subject being fired upon!


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