Fight Night in the Man Cave

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fight Night in the Man Cave

If the months of unprecedented "hype" leading up to last evening's six-years-in-the-making Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather championship welterweight match was in­sufficient, it continued right up to and beyond the sched­uled starting time to milk every possible pay-per-view $99.95 from the potential viewing audience.

Supposedly, "technical difficulties" due to an overwhelm­ing demand by last minute subscribers caused the delay... there were social media1 complaints from DirecTV, Charter and Time-Warner customers... but we now know it was just garden variety g-r-e-e-d by the promoters.

I hadn't watched a PPV prizefight since the highly enter­tain­ing Marvin Hagler/Sugar Ray Leonard2 brawl in 1986, so when we were invited to a friend's recently built "man cave" in Quogue, we jumped.

The fight itself was an interesting one... popular favorite Pacquiao (by a 2-1 margin!) and betting (+160) underdog lost on all scorecards ostensibly because he was unable to unleash his customary flurry of punches on a consistent enough basis.

(On those too few occasions when he did, the highly partisan crowd at the MGM Grand went bonkers with wildly appreciative delirium.

Following the announcement of the results, the May­weather most have come to hate, climbed up on the ropes and berated the crowd for not liking him enough to root him on.)

But as a calmed-down champion was heard to say to Pacquiao immediately after that, "We made a lot of money!"

Both cablecast preliminary fights were of interest as well.

The first one pitted Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in his fifth professional fight, against an over-matched Gamalier Rodriguez.

Lomachenko, who at age 26 has an inconceivable 395-1 amateur record, treated the flashily outfitted3 Puerto Rican like a speed bag until he went to his knee in the ninth-round.

(His eyes were open but he had no idea that the referee was counting him out.)

In retrospect, Rodriguez' best weapon was a low blow... it drew five warnings from the referee, and cost him two points.

Lomachenko continues to hold his WBO featherweight title, and looks to be around for a long time.

In the second match, Leo Santa Cruz remained unbeaten with a unanimous decision win over a plucky last minute tomato can named Jose Cayetano.

Curiosity Solved

One of the things for which Las Vegas is known for, be­yond slot machines and neon, is its high-dollar whores4, and that extends w-a-a-a-y past spectacularly well-assembled young blondes.

Prior to the match between American Mayweather and Filipino Pacquiao, three national anthems were sung... including the Mexican one!

One explanation, asserted by Oneindia blogger Nairita Das, was that it had to do with the proximity of Cinco de Mayo.

Ennnt! Had nothing to do with this coming Tuesday's annual celebration, and everything to do Heineken-owned Mexican Tecate beer's record $5.6 million fight sponsor­ship, one clue being the imprint of "Tecate" and "Mexico" all over the ring's padded ropes.

(Still, ˇViva Cinco de Mayo!)

And on the subject of anthems, whose big idea was it to have Jamie Foxx perform "The Star Spangled Banner?" It was the worst version since Rosanne Barr's in San Diego in 1990!

An obligatory adjunct of any big prizefight

We're talking Celebrity Sightings, and they were in abundance last night.

I'm still uncertain why Paris Hilton was included... any­one know what else she's famous/infamous for?

  1. A-hem! Twitter.
  2. Promoted locally at The Patio Restaurant by Enzo Morabito.
  3. It probably took a team of girls from his hometown of Bayamón and skilled in "bedazzling," a month to assemble his ring costume.
  4. Mayweather's pre-fight procession... no kidding!... actually included, the Burger King totem. Wonder what BK paid for that?


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