One of life's biggest lessons...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One of life's biggest lessons...

...I've had to come to grips with over my decades of hanging out on this tiny little orb, is that there are times when everything I thought I knew, is wrong!

And so it was again this week when a New York State Appellate Court decided that:

Trustees Have No Authority Over Oceanfront

And here I'd come to think of the Dongan Patent as inviolate!


1. Crabby said...

Help me out here, buddy. I found very little info on Donegan Patent.

Does this mean Jerry DelaFemina gets to barbeque his piping plover?

You'd do better with the proper spelling: Dongan Patent.

Publisher/wag DelaFemina will doubtless be better suited to address your question.
– Dean

2. Jackie Bennett said...

The Mr. over here has The Dongan Patent if Crabby wants to read it.

Crabby, there ya go!
– Dean

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