Bal'mur Bedlam

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bal'mur Bedlam

What a mess! The upheaval in Baltimore has already surpassed what happened in Ferguson, Missouri last year and is approaching the level of the post-police trial verdict in South Central Los Angeles 23 years ago tomorrow.

The latter event, termed "the most destructive U.S. civil disturbance of the 20th century," may yet be matched by the protests/riots over the death of 25-year-old African American Freddie Gray despite the declaration of a state of emergency by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Three vignettes from the event caught my attention:

Item: Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton was protected from harm by an armed store-owner who seems to have taken to heart Vice-President Joe Biden's advice to "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!"

Item: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, good-looking enough so that she probably could get elected to most public offices without opening her mouth, opened her mouth and made a gaffe so extraordinarily senseless that Heronner apparently couldn't believe she said it!

At a press conference, she stated that she had directed police to...

"...give those who wished to destroy space to do that...."

Obviously she didn't mean that, and in a high-pressure situation she misspoke, but instead of issuing an "Oops!" clarification, she vehemently denied she ever uttered those words, and blamed the media for "mischaracterization."

Item: While police and National Guard presence are doing the best they can under the circumstances, the most ef­fective deterrent to the lawlessness yet seems to have been the action of one Baltimore mom who took direct action against her own son, loudly berating the young man, cuffing him, and dragging him away from the scene.

Whoa, momma, we salute you!


1. Paramarine said...

It's a terrible consequence that the riots distract attention from a rightful cause for protest.

I concur... and it's going to be fodder for sociologists for the rest of the decade to "explain" how the event devolved into an excuse for such widespread extreme behavior.

Unlike the racial disparity on Ferguson, Missouri's police department and in municipal government, Baltimore is very much the opposite. I recall 45 years ago when my old college roommate, a major player in New York City's early methadone treatment program, was "head-hunted" by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, not to run their outpatient clinics, but to train members of the black community in how to do the job.
– Dean

2. Mrs Genetics said...

Whether she's on his ass about causing trouble, or on his ass because she doesn't want to have to bury him, and thus wants him far removed from any itchy trigger fingers, we may never know.

O we'll know, we'll know... the media has tracked down Toya Graham and made her their darling.

Never mind the National Guard... send in the moms!

3. WR Moore said...

If only there were enough Moms (of all races) who cared as much.

It occurs to me that the image of Toya Graham raining a flurry of blows on her only son's hooded head, will become as iconic as that of the "Unknown Rebel" facing down a line of battle tanks in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989, and the helicopter footage of Reginald Denny being dragged out of his truck and beaten close to death by four black rioters during the height of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

4. Mattie said...

All my Mom friends applaud her and say they would have done the same thing... as would I!

Toya Graham is being hailed as a role model at the moment, the one "positive" aspect of the extreme civial unrest in Baltimore... but it won't be long before it gets into the "jobless single mother of six" stuff. Remember, the media dotes on destroying that which they have created, just to remind everyone that they can.

Still, for the moment, send in those Moms!
– Dean

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