I know it's been a tough Winter...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I know it's been a tough Winter...

April 9, 2015

...and I know that Wald­baum's corporate parent Great Atantic & Pacific Tea Company of Montvale, New Jersey went through all sorts of legal contortions a decade ago before West­hampton Beach's Planning Board to avoid the expense of performing repairs on the entire park­ing lot at 70 Sunset Avenue, but whatever they spent on resurfacing, they got gypped!

The above photo was snapped ex tempore on April 9th, a drizzly dreary afternoon, and it's clear that the arrange­ment of two shopping carts and a delivery pallet were improvised to prevent damage to the tires and axles of unwary vehicles while A&P arranged for more permanent repairs.

(The smart money is that it would be at the tenant's ex­pense since landlord Staller Associates is known for its net/net leases.)

Not sure how dire the weather here has been of late... we were where it was gloriously warm and sunny... but not only have there been no repairs...

April 22, 2015

...but the disintegrating drainage aperture is attracting more shopping carts and, even greater concern...

April 22, 2015 - new trouble spot

...there's a drain located in an adjacent row to the North­east that's displaying signs of becoming a major sinkhole.

Time for Waldbaum's/A&P to stop nickel-and-diming on their responsibilities, and retain someone who'll perform the necessary repairs on a more long-lasting basis.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Your mention of "sinkhole" gave me the cold wobbles! All I could think of that poor man in Florida two years ago who was asleep in bed and was suddenly sucked into one which swallowed him up. His body has never been recovered. [shudder!]

That's the stuff of nightmares!
– Dean

2. Crabby said...

So much for Joan Levan's "Lightning Party." The Waldbaum's is still a dump. The former Nationals has the same sad mural painted years ago, the entrance to the Village is empty real estate, the Mayor's salary doubled, and the eruv broo-hah-ha is still in litigation.

Remember this come election day folks! Clean up the Village and toss the bums out.

Bums should always be tossed out!

3. Nutbeem said...

Waldbaum's has made my family's vote for worst supermarket in all categories... for the 8th year running. An all-time record, I believe.

My daughter, the now-retired road chef for everyone from Neil Young to Kelly Clarkson, has continually asserted that our local store is the second worst supermarket in the continental USA, exceeded in awfulness only by a Piggy-Wiggly near Dallas.

4. Victor Levy said...

Consumer Reports agrees. Latest issue rates Waldbaum's 68 of 68 supermarket chains in the US. Our branch seems in the worst shape of all local Waldbaum's - we are really at the end of the food chain.

Locally, I get what I can get at Justin's Chop Shop (potatoes and both green and yellow zucchinis last week) and Circle M Beverage Barn while Jeanne does the major food shopping in Riverhead or Eastport.

5. Jackie Bennett said...

Like most others, I lament the condition of our local Waldbaum's but was corrected by someone who said the Waldbaum's in Southampton Village is worse.

Don't know... haven't been there since 1965 when it was still an A&P.

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