What's missing from this photo?

Friday, April 10, 2015

What's missing from this photo?

Where's the fire truck?

If you noticed that Mike Araujo's old fire truck is missing from its regular spot in front of 196 Montauk Highway in the Village, then you are indeed observant.

Mike has sold his popular Firehouse Pizza business to a young woman named Odeth who came from Guatemala by way of Jak Deli in Speonk.

In my personal pantheon of pizzerias since I first discovered the Italian delicacy in the mid-'50s, Firehouse with it's "crumbly sausage pie" ranked behind only Modern Apizza whose brick oven "baked clams casino" is almost worth the haul to New Haven.

I spoke briefly with Odeth Thursday midday who was busy preparing for her opening today. After a quick consultation with her hold-over staff, she told me that I would still be able to order a crumbly sausage Sicilian pizza!

My only other concern is whether Firehouse will become the third food operation in that immediate neighborhood where English will be a second language.


1. Tom said...

Did his selling have anything to do with not getting the beach concession contract?

I hope not!

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