O, pul-ease!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

O, pul-ease!

I have no idea of who Denise DeSarlo of East Quogue is, whether she's the little old lady in tennis shoes who gets up at 3:00 am to spray paint "Turkey Shoot Canceled1" on the Riverhead Pistol And Rifle Club sign on the Westhamp­ton-Riverhead Road each Fall, or a starry-eyed 14-year old Ingrid Newkirk idolator.

Or just a twit!

I saw her Letter to The Editor in this morning's Southamp­ton Press Western Edition with a heading "Tasteless Photo."

Michael Madr with his Snow Goose

"I read and viewed with disgust the photo in the sports section of the April 2 edition: Michael Madr, with a goose he had killed. Doesn’t this photo somehow look similar to that of the ISIS terrorists holding their soon-to-be victims? I found this deeply disturbing."

She carries on from there with knee-jerk bleats of:

"all animals feel pain, suffering and bleed like the rest of us"

...and, of course...

"What gives this wannabe macho man the right to kill a beautiful, defenseless creature—for a thrill, or to put on his shelf with his bowling trophies?"

One option Ms. DeSarlo completely misses is that Madr might want to put it on his dinner table.

And before anyone raises the old rubric that Chen caeru­lescens tastes like "lutefisk with feathers," they might like to give the late Tony Dean's "Snow Goose Recipes" a quick read.

But likening sportsman Madr's taking of a Snow Goose to the cruel insanity of ISIS terrorists is w-a-a-a-y over the top, and if there's any shame which requires an apology, it is that of the letter-writer.

  1. The great irony in this is that what is being shot aren't live turkeys, but clay birds, with winners given a certif­icate for a dresses bird at a local butcher shop.


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