Opening Day is in the books...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Opening Day is in the books...

Los Angeles Dodgers

...and I'm a happy chappie: the Dodgers won on a late home run from new comer Jimmy Rollins, and one of my favorite players over the past nine seasons, Matt Kemp, now in a different uniform, made a personally successful return to Los Angeles by driving in all three San Diego runs.

(My only downer here was that last season's Most Valuable Player and three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw wasn't the winning pitcher.)

But the most notable season launching performance for me was that of the New York Mets who have somehow ac­cu­mu­lated the best Opening Day record, 35-19, of any Major League franchise!

Was a time the Mets couldn't win an opener if their lives depended on it, losing the first eight in a history of de­pres­sion, despair and daffiness that dates to their debut in 1962 when they established an unequaled 40-120 record for futility.

It wasn't until the 1970 season when the unlikely World Champion Mets won a season opener, beating the Pitts­burghs 5-3 with two runs in the 11th inning.

At that point the worm turned, and their Opening Day record has been a remarkable 35-11.

Yesterday's 3-1 win over nearly everyone's pick to be the 2015 National League Champions, the Washingtons, came behind a stellar outing by 41-year old Bartolo Colón.

I liked that, too. I enjoy seeing "the kids" play, but I love watching those wiley old veterans show'em how it's done.


1. Hampton West said...

I'm not expecting much from the Giants this year – they did little in the off-season so at best I expect a .500 season - your Dodgers, however if they don't win it all I think an overhaul is needed - a lot of money spent on the team's behalf.

Yeah yeah yeah... they Giants ae the defending World Champions, for the love of Bobby Thompson, so cut the crap!

The Dodgers did do a pretty fair overhaul this Winter, letting Hanley go to Boston, and trading five tool Matt Kemp (to San Diego in the same division!) and the fastest man in baseball, Dee Gordon, to Miami! I won't miss HanRam who had to stand and watch every ball he got his bat on instead of busting it down the baseline, but Kemp, who was narrowly edged for NL MVP by a drug cheat in 2011, was healthy again, and I loved watching Gordon run out a triple, one of the categories he led the Majors in last season.

With that pitching staff, if the Giants won't win 30 games over .500, there should be a Congressional investigation!

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