Today's words are 'He has risen...'

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Today's words are 'He has risen...'

...and so too has a little bit of my hope for the America in which I was raised.

I've watched with rising revulsion over the past ten or so days while a horrific blizzard of crap has rained down on the state of Indiana, begun by what has come to be known as the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans­gender) seg­ment of the population.

It became so intense that Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who had withstood the badgering of the normally rational Chris Wallace on last week's Fox News Sunday, several days later buckled like an aluminum single-wide in an Oklahoma twister, and signed a revised version of his state's recently enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

By mid-week I thought that the top of my skull was going to explode like lid of a corn-popper... to hell with the usual Leftist media outlets, but when Wallace and Fox start joining the "progressives" (crypto-liberals) and unabashed Liberals on this attack of political correctitude, something is seriously wrong.

One of the focal points of the LGBT fellow-travelers was Memories Pizza in little (population slightly larger than that of Westhampton Beach) Walkerton, Indiana, about 140 miles from Indianapolis.

On March 24, in an interview one of the pizzeria's owners, Crystal O'Connor, said they would refuse to for a wedding for a same-sex couple, a right provided to them under the as originally enacted RFRA.

"If a gay couple was to come and they wanted us to bring pizzas to their wedding, we'd have to say no."

At the same time the establishment made it clear that they would not refuse service to gay couples.

Excerpts from the interview went viral, and the hate scuds quickly followed from all over the country... predictably, led by mostly pseudonymous social media messages.

An Indiana assistant coach, Jessica Dooley, tweeted:

"Who's going to Walkerton to burn down Memories Pizza with me?"

...causing her Concord Community Schools administra­tion to suspend her because of her threatening message.

(Actually sounded like a terroristic threat to me!)

The outpouring of hate and threats led Conservative radio host, the openly-gay Tammy Bruce, to blast those in the LGBT movement as "fascist bullies."

"If there's anyone in the world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority... it's the gay community."

But for every action and re-action flogged by the main­stream media, there's always a counter re-action, and it was the news this weekend that the O'Connors and Memories Pizza not only have their champions, but those supporters of freedom of choice are willing to put their money on the line as well!

At the height of the hate maelstrom, out of fear for their safety, the O'Connors shuttered Memories one day, but that and any ancillary loss of business has been more than made up for by the contributions to a GoFundMe page established for them.

That page is completed now, with $842,592... the goal was only $200,000... being achieved in just three days with contributions from 29,166 people!

Happy Easter, one and all... and I mean that to be an all-inclusive one and all: straight, gay, indecisive, Christian, Jew and even the Muslim who practices what he or she insists what their religion is all about, peace.

Happy Easter!


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