April Village Board Meeting

Thursday, April 02, 2015

April Village Board Meeting

Pro forma Monthly Meeting of the Westhampton Beach Village Board this evening, and with the clocks set to the correct time for the first time in three years, Mayor Maria Moore called the sparse attendance to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at exactly 7:00 pm.

Approvals for outdoors tables, chairs and benches were re­newed for Boom Burger and Dee Angelo's, and the multi-board process for the re-zoning of the one-time Petty Hardware property at 133 & 137 Montauk High­way/92 Oak Street was set in motion.

Seasonal Police Officers, Traffic Control Officers and Marina Personnel were appointed, and the resignation of one Traffic Control Officer was accepted, albeit without the traditional expression of municipal regret.

Two questions were raised from the audience about what sort of progress the newly retained grant writer was mak­ing, and the Mayor responded in a positive manner.

(Just how far a $50,000 grant will go in villagescaping Main Street is yet to be determined.)

There being no addition matters for the Public Portion of the meeting, the Village Board retired to Executive Session for the purposes of discussing personnel issues.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Seriously? More personnel issues?

Well, in a structure like this, there's always personnel issues!

2. Hampton West said...

What's going up at the old Shorty's Auto repair spot on Old Riverhead Road and Montauk Highway?

I've heard that a coffee shop is going in there as well as some offices... so I don't really know anything other than the same guy who did the new hardware store and is putting Westhampton Primary Care's new home up where once Wilson's Garage stood, is developing the property you've inquired about.

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