February Village Board Meeting

Thursday, February 05, 2015

February Village Board Meeting

(See the Video of the February 5th Village Board Meeting.)

Five minutes before the monthly meeting of the West­hampton Beach Village Board commenced, the room was already SRO, and when the Board members entered and saw the overflow attendance, there could be discerned a little rictus of fear around at least two of their mouths.

The last time I saw that many exercised residents and tax­payers at a Village Board meeting, it was August 1969, most were from lower Seafield and Beach Lanes, and the issue then was that of large group rentals interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

This evening's meeting was held in the dead of Winter with temperatures in the mid-teens, which was the Board's first clue that the course of the evening would be fraught with danger for the unwary elected official.

Speakers against the proposal to create the position of Police Commissioner included former Police Chief/Mayor Conrad Teller, former Village Trustee/Deputy Mayor Victor Levy, Main Street businessmen Jim Flood and Lawrence Citarelli III, retired Southampton Town Police Officer Stephen J. Arrasate as well as others in attendance who declined to take the speakers' podium.

The constant theme of those opposed to the law had to do with the way it was drafted, which as noted here earlier, would completely usurp the duties and command prerog­ative of Police Chief Trevor Gonce.

And while Mayor Moore and Deputy Mayor Charles Palmer were the only ones to speak for the proposal from the front of the room during the first 50 minutes of the 80 minutes devoted to what would be Local Law #1-2015, their theme was "That is not our intention."

At every such protestation, the draft of their legislation was brandished at the two of them with the instruction. "Read what you wrote!"

By the end of the public hearing, the entire Board had been heard from, and it was clear that Trustees Patricia DiBenedetto, Ralph Urban and Hank Tucker had heard the meeting attendees loudly and clearly, and at the very least realized that, in Urban's words, "some tweaking of the language may be needed."

Ultimately, the Public Hearing was closed without a resolution, which, procedurally, may be a mistake for, as Southampton Press reporter Kyle Campbell wrote:

"After the meeting Mayor Maria Moore said the Village Board likely would hold a special, executive session meeting later this month to discuss the feedback from the community and alter the plan accordingly.

Deputy Mayor Charlie Palmer said after the board dis­cusses the law behind closed doors, a special meeting might be called to adopt the law.

'I'd like to get this taken care of as quickly as possible,' Ms. Moore said after the meeting."

And they wonder why we find it hard to trust them!

More later....


1. Victor Levy said...

Oh ye of little faith. Just when you were ready to give up on the year 'round populace they not only showed up on a cold night, they enlightened the board on this matter.

I was most gratified at the turnout, but remember the words of Dale Carnegie, "those convinced against their will, are of the same opinion still!"
– Dean

2. Pat Frost said...

I am glad so many residents showed up for this meeting. As a resident of Quiogue, all I can do is watch and shake my head. People reading the Newsday article must wonder what the heck are "the Village People" thinking. A force of 11 in a three mile radius needs a commissioner??

If Junior and Maria haven't read last evening's tea leaves correctly, they are dead above the shoulders.

3. WHBYankee said...

Kyle Campbell, not Quincy.

Aw, jeez! I was finishing up this entry and listening to the Red Wings/Avalanche game and Kyle Quincey assisted on the last goal right about the time I spotted Kyle Campbell's story containing the most interesting... and damning information.

Your Kyle and I both follow the Wings so I'm confident that he'll be understanding!

4. Jack O'Dwyer said...

The hubub{sic} over a possible Police Commissioner is a diversionary tactic meant to draw attention away from the real issue facing Westhampton Beach – the ferocious legal attack by the East End Eruv Association that has already cost Westhampton Beach $125,118 in charges from its law firm and a total of $884,837 in legal fees for the three towns involved. Westhampton Beach and the towns also face possible hundreds of thousands for the legal fees and "damages" being claimed by EEEA. There ought to be a public meeting on the eruv and put the phony Police Commissioner post to bed. The alleged eruv that went up in Westhampton Beach last Summer is also a phony because no "lechis" can be found on any telephone poles.


I've tried to give you some deference to your years and communications experience, Mr. O'Dwyer, but you're a one-trick pony who has grown tiresome with your continued harping on the eruv issue and fear-mongering which is actually playing right into the scheme of the E³A. (See "Memo to Marvin Tenzer...")

(At the same time you may note that OtBB has been all over the eruv matter since the subject was introduced in early 2008, so you're way late to the shindig!)

You once told me that you've had a second home here, in the Bridle Path sub-division as I recall, for 18 years. For you to attempt to portray the Police Commissioner issue as a "diversionary tactic" and a "phony" one at that reveals that you have z-e-r-o institutional knowledge of Westhampton Beach, and makes you come across as an anti-semetic old Oirish crank!

In short, you are hereinafter PNG on OtBB, so you'll have to continue your single-minded polemicizing on 27East where I see you've already started.


5. Oldtimer said...

Could the idea of a commissioner and the fact that the mayor has decided not to reappoint the beach manager this year somehow connect the dots back to Charlie Palmer's vendetta raising its ugly head again?

What "vendetta?" Share, share!

6. Bo Bishop said...

If the Trustees intend to hold an Executive Session to discuss the feedback of the public and make changes to their obviously ridiculous law, then this violates the Open Meetings Law that requires that all public business be performed in an open and public manner and that citizens be fully aware of and able to observe the performance of public officials and listen to the deliberations and decisions that go into making public policy.

There are eight (8) exceptions to requiring an open meeting, but none of them apply to the action to be taken by this Board. This is just another example of this Board operating behind closed door in secrecy in governing or failing to govern properly our Village.

It's long been know that Junior Palmer is an imbecile, but in her performance last evening Mayor Moore, a member of the New York State Bar, has raised grave questions about her own competency by insisting that the law, which she reassured us she had read, would not do what it clearly states it would do!
– Dean

7. Beachgal11978 said...

It seems that we the people have finally spoken! Great turn out and great work to all. Let's see what comes next.

Yes, the turn-out was terrific... it warmed me almost as much as my penguin hat!

Sadly though, it seems that there's some who sat at the front of the room what didn't get the word!

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