I never knew who...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I never knew who...

Jane Velez-Mitchell

...Jane Velez-Mitchell was 'til this week when I took a 'phone call toward the end of the "CBS Evening News" and while I wasn't paying attention it bled over into something called "The Insider."

(Jeanne and I have a rule in this house: we do not watch any "news" program which is ac­companied by a pop muzak track!)

When I clicked off the call and looked back to the screen, there was the most alarming-looking female I'd seen1 since Jocelyn Wildenstein, reporting gossip about former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's murder trial!

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Though the ex-CNN "award-winning television journalist" is something of a free-lancer now2, she still gets her re­markable face on the small screen, witness her rehash-heavy report on the Hernandez proceedings.

The "remarkable" part isn't how much younger than her 58 years she appears, but how similar to the latter stage Michael Jackson she looks, mostly in the eyes and reworked nose.

(cf: a younger Velez-Mitchell.)

...which is kinda eerie given that one of the woman's defining beats was coverting the entire 2005, 5½ month-long child sexual abuse trial against Jackson... and reg­u­larly reporting on it for Nancy Grace's "justice" show on CNN's sister network, HLN.

Well, that tied it for me... my personal views of Nancy Grace are well known, so any association of that woman with Velez-Mitchell utterly destroys the possibility of Velez-Mitchell engendering any semblance of credibility with me, would be dead on arrival.

Sorry Jane... you never had a chance with OtBB!


It seems that OtBB is not the first make the association!

  1. A mid-'90s photo-feature on "Cat-Woman" Wildenstein is one of the reasons why I no longer subscribe to New York Magazine!
  2. That and her FaceBook podcasts and current events blurbs... and her "JaneUnchained weblog."


1. Scarlett said...

This (Man Arrested For Threatening To Slit Throats Of TV Hosts Targeted Nancy Grace & Jane Velez Mitchell) could've been you!

Nah, not my style! I mean, never let'em know you're coming.

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