Friday, January 30, 2015


Early last week blogger Tom Noonan posed the question:

Sheldon Silver charges – trouble for Cuomo?

Yesterday, on-line Hot Air, riffing on scrupulously middle-of-the-road Politico's "Andrew Cuomo's Dominoes - Why the New York governor should be worried about the as­sembly speaker's legal troubles," wondered:

Could Sheldon Silver roll on Andrew Cuomo?

The answer is, it is furiously to be hoped!

I, and I think a host of others, would like a full accounting of the pulling-of-the-plug-before-its-time on the Moreland Commission's investigation into corruption in Albany.

And before anyone asks "What corruption in Albany?," I must say the Old Gray Lady laid out New York's recent history of political corruption reasonably well.

For my part, I know how Andrew Cuomo performed as the Clinton Administration's Secretary of HUD, and I know how he's performed as New York's Governor... how now, NYSAFE Act?... so I'm all for Kathy Hochul taking over at her first opportunity!

I'd rather see a newbie running the State than another political hack who has climbed the ladder of corruption and whose nest is feathered with ill-gotten lucre!


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