The Jewish culture...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Jewish culture...

Updated 01/28/2015 – 08:45 am

...Orthodox, Reform and Conservative alike... has a word for it: Mitzvah!

Someone did us a mitzvah today and we've no idea who... which, when I first learned the word however many decades ago, is the general idea behind it: an anonymous act of kindness.

(He writes, fully aware that there will be any number of corrections and clarifications by OtBB readers of that particular faith.)

With any adversarial weather warnings, Jeanne always parks her vehicle as close to the street as possible without blocking the sidewalk, and so she has very little snow to shovel to escape the driveway.

Around noon today, just as she was finishing the easy part, the virgin snow between the front of her car and the hard-packed pile deposited "curb-side" by the Village's snow plows, a man came along in a small yellow "Cat" with a cab and a plow and pitched in to clear away the tough stuff for her.

And just like that and without a word, he was gone... she has no idea who it was 'cause she couldn't see enough through the plastic cab enclosures.

Our great thanks to our unknown benefactor, and to the Village DPW employees who honored previous efforts by raising their plow blade as their truck crossed our cleared driveway.

Very thoughtful and greatly appreciated.

Wednesday morning update

Unfortunately, someone on the overnight plowing detail wasn't so thoughtful, creating a barrier of packed snow and ice that required removal before Jeanne could exit the driveway and get to work this morning!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Truly. Thank you soooo much. That street plow-snow is a coronary waiting to happen.

Gratitude to the kindly Caterpillar operator and to the Village of Westhampton Beach's plow operator who didn't obliterate my egress from the driveway! My Heros!

Yeah, what she said!

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