Ah, for the love of Edward R. Morrow!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ah, for the love of Edward R. Morrow!

What passes for "journalism" 14+ years into the new Mil­lennium sickens/outrages me on an almost daily basis!

With the continuing threat of the beheadings of two Japan­ese citizens held hostage by ISIS (Daesh) and the obvious critical issues facing the United States head by a lame-duck President and a suddenly powerful opposition Con­gress, what is the country obsessed with?

"Deflate-gate," with reporters readily pouncing on every syllable uttered this week by New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady as if it's attained the import of the original "-gate" ignominy.

But the "issue" which has sent my personal disgust meter's needle well into the red, has been the opprobrious buzz about the use of a "fake baby" in Clint Eastwood's box office-breaking "American Sniper."

  1. It's a freakin' movie, you idiots!
  2. My wife suggested a perfect remedy... an advisory should be added before the opening credits:
    "No Babies Were Harmed in the Making of this Film!"

It would be one less thing about which for the media to foment.


1. Richard Weber said...

Just found your blog and read about your meeting Ralph "S" Bell. Awesome stuff that is the adventure of being a kid.

I agree with you about the news that is broadcast these days. It really does make one wonder. The only time I watch it is for local weather. Otherwise my Internet wifi radio is always on and am listening to old radio shows. What I don't understand about the state of mass media today is the fact that almost every person I talk to is disgusted with it and wish for it to be more like it was in the past. I agree with this. But if so many feel this way, why aren't the ratings down? I'm so tired of it that my Internet radio and my Roku box get more use than anything else. Am I missing something about how the people feel about this or does the mass media not care and will do what they want?

Glad you enjoyed the Ralph S. Bell entry... he never know how important a roll he played in my life.

I can't even converse coherently about the state of broadcast journalism... but thank you for reinforcing what I've had to believe for years, that there are others "out there" as nauseated as I!

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