A record-setting Work Session!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A record-setting Work Session!

It began at 7:00 pm and was closed at 9:21 pm, and by my count, that's the longest Village Trustees Work Session in the history of Westhampton Beach... all the more re­markable given the brevity (9 items) of the agenda!

It was interminable, mostly because someone... no names, please... doesn't know how to run a tight meeting!

The evening got off to a slow start when Laura Fabirizo, fill­ing in for an under-the-weather Lorraine Girard, stead­fastly declined to take "No" for an answer in pitching an August (read: "High Season") weekend date for a "Food Truck" event benefitting the entirely worthy Moriches Bay Project.

(As both the Board and audience members informed her, she needed to start with the Greater Westhamp­ton Chamber of Commerce, and if she can get it past them, her next stop should be bringing the Shia and Sunni leaders together.)

Chic Voorhis, Managing Partner of environmental planning consultants Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, LLC outlined the scope of a proposed Business District study focussing on the B2 and B3 zones on Old Riverhead Road and along Montauk Highway.

Marcus Stinchi made an impressive visual/conceptual presentation for the Village's Glovers Lane park property and a proposed "bocce" all court (91' X 13'), as well as several different style fountains. There was considerable input from the Board as well as audience members, including former Trustee Joan Levan who several times expressed the belief that there should be a committee appointed to study the project.

(Any bets on who the Dowager Empress of Oneck thinks should chair such a committee?)

The next four items on the agenda...

  • A Fuel Dispensing System for municipal-owned vehicles... police, fire, highway, etc.... previously located behind the now-razed firehouse.
  • Asbestos-remediation and demolition of the Guldi property on Griffing Avenue.
  • Yacht Basin bulkhead repairs.
  • Rogers Beach deck railings repair/replacement.

...centered on discussions between Village Engineer Ron Hill of Dunn Engineering Associates, P.C.

There was lengthy colloquy regarding the letting of the 2015 Rogers Beach Snack Bar contract and a possible variable due to the destruction of the Beach Hut at Cup­sogue Beach last September.

The agenda's final item involved Westhampton Beach Local Law 178 pertaining to Traffic & Vehicles on Lilac Road. Although this has been raised in the past, the discussion ended with a decision to conference with the Superin­ten­dent of Westhampton Beach Schools.

One subject touched on en passant was the problem of people using Village-maintained receptacles for the dis­posal of their house-hold garbage, and whether West­hampton Beach even had an ordinance prohibiting it.

This very issue was brought up to the Village three years ago and written about on 27East, yet nothing seems to have been done.

Conspicuously absent...

...from this evening's marathon Work Session as well as any recent issues of The Southampton Press Legal Adver­tisements, has been mention of the creation of the con­ten­tious position of Police Commissioner.

Without the required Legal Notice, no action can be taken at the February 5th Village Board meeting.

Nor was the word "eruv" spoken during the meeting.


1. Scarlett said...

Reading between the lines here, it seems that Village Government moves v-e-r-y slowly at Six Corners.

Do ya think?

I was very surprised to learn from the Village Attorney that, 35 months after it was first discussed by the Board, there is still no mechanism for sanctioning those caught dumping their household refuse in municipally-serviced trash bins.

Also, why just now are they deciding to sit down with the School District about the traffic problems on Lilac Road? It's not just because the Mayor lives across from the high school; this was broached previously during her current term.

Also, could we please have some transparency on the issues of a Police Commissioner and the eruv situation?

2. Jack O'Dwyer said...

Dean: Nice coverage of the meeting and I'm shocked that the eruv and proposed police commissioner were not mentioned... shocked but not surprised.

Thanks, Jack... but don't be too "shocked." There's a pattern here.
– Dean

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