Mayor Thatcher butts in...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mayor Thatcher butts in...

...for which we should all chip in and send her a hand­some gift basket!

Lloyd Harbor Mayor Warns Against Hiring Police Commissioner In Westhampton Beach

I have no idea how Mayor Jean Thatcher got involved here, whether she heard about Mayor Maria Moore's proposal to hire a Police Commissioner and, instead of recoiling in horror, thought to offer Westhampton Beach the benefit of her experience, or if Southampton Press Western Edition correspondent Kyle Campbell took the initiative to do some original reporting, but Mayor Thatcher's thoughts should be given weight.

But one point raised in the news report sticks out:

"Ms. Thatcher said she does not understand why a small village like Westhampton Beach would need both when members of its governing board already serve as police commissioners...."


The report notes that none of the elected and appointed officials in Lloyd Harbor are paid for their service, as com­pared to their opposite numbers in Westhampton Beach who receive salaries plus health and dental benefits.

(We should also remember that Mayor Moore's second official act was to double her salary!)

There's something seriously freaking wrong here, not just with this harebrained Police Commissioner scheme and Mayor Moore's voodoo cost-saving scheme that goes along with it... installing a Police Commissioner, hiring three or more new police officers... but the entire set-up of our local goverment!


1. Michael Jacobs said...

The idea of creating a paid position of Police Commissioner for a department the size of Westhampton Beach's is beyond harebrained... it's downright scary. What in the world are they thinking? We need to be able to trust our Chief of Police to run the department properly and responsibly and we need to trust our Village Board to spend our tax dollars appropriately. I have faith in the former... and precious little in the latter.

I've yet to run across a solitary tax-payer who is in favor of having a Police Commissioner.

A source close to Six Corners says Mayor Moore knows exactly who she wants for the position, but won't say. If she gets a third vote on February 5th, we'll have to see how the job description is written.
– Dean

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