History repeats...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

History repeats...

Updated 01/20/2015 – 11:48 am

...this week on 27East, the digital edition of The Southampton Press in a report by Kyle Campbell:

"Judge Tomlinson is still evaluating whether the eruv violates the Establishment Clause of the Second Amendment."

Campbell, as should be obvious to any with a Junior High education... unless Civics is no longer part of that curric­u­lum... has confused his Bill of Rights... he meant, of course, the First Amendment.

(The Second Amendment, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, is what makes all the other ones work.)

My friend, the late Lee Davis, theater critic and columnist for the old Hampton Chronical-News, once suffered the same confusion, and I took great delight in penning a Letter to The Editor (at the time Michael Pitcher), pointing out that it was the First Amendment which allowed him to write his drivel each week.

I understood Lee's antipathy for "guns;" decades ago while he was teaching at Sleepy Hollow Hills High School, he was dining a sweet young thing at a nice restaurant in New York City when the establishment's manager informed them that they were being subjected to an armed robbery and were ushered into the kitchen.

No one was hurt, but it was an indignity that proved traumatic to Lee, and from that point forward the focus of his anger and fear was on "the gun" rather than the person who used "the gun" in a felonious manner.

(Then there's recent Dune Road resident John Roland's own response to a remarkably similar situation in May of 1983.)

While I took the mickey out of Lee over that gaffe, blame should have been shared with his editor for not catching and correcting it before it went into print. Because I believe that Campbell's copy went straight to 27East, I won't hook Frank Costanza into this even though he always backstops his writers.

But I find it especially egregious that journalists and editors whose very existence is dependent on the First Amendment can't get it right!

It took long enough...

...but the error was finally remedied just now when it was directly called to a Southampton Press staffer's at­tention during an unrelated 'phone conversation.


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