Some in the mainstream media...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Some in the mainstream media...

...appear to have no historical memory of a major event in 1972... perhaps the major event of that year on an in­ter­national level... and it's discouraging.

Today's lead global story (so far) is:

Dozens held across Europe in Islamist suspect sweeps

"Belgian, French and German police interrogated dozens of Islamist suspects on Friday as much of Europe re­mained on heightened security alert after last week's killings in Paris and raids in Belgium in which two gun­men were killed."

A sampling of comments from the usual talking TV heads expressed surprise that "the Germans are involved be­cause they haven't been subjected to terrorism attacks."

Guess why!

In a word: Munich!

The Germans... "West Germans" at the time... had no special police or military unit in waiting with which to ad­dress the Black September attack on the Olympic village, so they winged it.

I recall watching this live on TV at the time, and even be­fore the tragic dénouement at Fürstenfeldbruck airbase, in the company of several of the regulars from Shotwell's Pump. One, an international airlines pilot, Richard Paul, correctly predicted the West German's action.

"I don't care what they're saying, they'll never let them leave the country... that's not how the German psyche works!"

Shortly thereafter we watched as ABC's Jim McKay, after initially reporting encouraging news, uttered his famous "They're all gone."

The hastily formed plan... less one of hostage rescue than stop any escape... failed because the West German sol­diers selected as sharpshooters to neutralize the hostage-takers, not only had no optics or night vision devices, but were at best competitive shooters on weekends.

(The lessons of that failed action directly led the fol­lowing April to the formation of Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei, or GSG9, today considered, along with the United States' Operational Detachment Delta and DEVGRU, and Great Britin's 22 Special Air Service, an elite specialized military force.)

But what Dick Paul knew then, most terrorist organizations have come to accept as a deterrent to acting against German targets... if the objective is anything less than suicide, don't screw with the Germans; they are ruthless.

POTUS and Congress please take note.


1. WR Moore said...

"Hastily formed plan" is an understatement, but much more polite than a more apt description.

However, if you wanted to see ruthless, once East & West were one Germany, they passed a special limited law to find the left-over terrorists/traitors. They did data mining on a vast scale using computers and managed to find almost all the Red Army group and some others.

Once the problem was solved, the law allowing that wasn't renewed. Too many bad memories of past regimes.

Isn't it interesting that even as we advance in years, our recollections of these events stay with us, while the ensuing generations have no knowledge of what occurred, leading, of course, to reinforcement of Santayana's straight-forward epigram, "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."
– Dean

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