I retched...

Friday, January 09, 2015

I retched...

Updated 01/20/2015 – 07:23 am

...when I saw this item prominently on B2 of the South­ampton Press Western Edition this week:

Don't know much about Hilaria other than she prefers "go­ing commando" and is not particularly mindful of this on breezy days.

(In olden days slips were de rigueur for ladies out in public... and before that, it was petticoats, especially if it was windy!)

But I have no problem with the current Mrs. Baldwin being adverse to wearing underpants... that Instagram photo suggests that she's an exhibitionist at heart... but with the hypocrisy of that old attention whore Alec whose physical confrontations with paparazzi is the stuff of TMZ and E!.

One thing ya gotta know about the 66-year-old actor is that he knows how to keep his name and image in the pub­lic eye, although he needs the help of an immodest wife, scraps with photographers, and high profile flouting of authority on New York City streets and airliners.

Baldwin has loudly and frequently lamented that the papa­razzi are ruining his life, but in reality they seem to be ex­tending his declining career.

And of course The Southampton Press is aiding Baldwin in that endeavor by reprinting that Instagram item from NBC's New Year's Today Show.

Hilaria Baldwin from Instagram
I rest my case...

From the January 19th NY Post Page Six:

Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin strips down to lingerie

At least this time around Mrs. Baldwin had the good graces to wear a pair of underpants... such as they are.


1. Bruce Tria said...

Can someone explain to me how this merits press/Press coverage?

One of my very points, Bruce!

Next time you're at an East End Media Moguls luncheon, sit next to Joe Louchheim and ask him.

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