January Village Board Meeting

Thursday, January 08, 2015

January Village Board Meeting

This evening's monthly meeting of the Westhampton Beach Village Board was, for all intents and purposes given the inhospitality of the weather, a cruel and all-too-usual, albeit necessary, waste of time.

Prizes were awarded for the annual holiday lighting con­test, some papers were shuffled, and the meeting was called to a close at 7:25 pm so attendees could brave the bitter cold to return to the warmth of hearth and home.

In between, Village Planner Kyle Collins outlined his firm's proposal for a Streetscape plan of Main Street between Beach Lane and Potunk Lane, which proposal was unani­mously accepted by the Board at a cost of $4,000.

The Board accepted the formal resignation of Justice Court Director Leanne Reilly pursuant to her move to a similar position in Southold Town.

At the same time Theresa Giordano was appointed temporary Receptionist while long time Village retainer Rosemary Towers is out on medical leave.

The 2015 Village Election was established for Friday, June 19, Noon to 9:00 pm... two Trustee seats will be open.

The Village also formally standardized employee as well as elected and appointed officials, work days at six hours for use with New York State and Local Retirement Sytem Reporting.

What was not mentioned was the proposed creation of the post of Police Commissioner, cited by Mayor Maria Moore attendant to the swearing in of Police Chief Trevor Gonce last month.

Citing time constraints, etc., the Mayor asserted that the Public Hearing on the matter would be scheduled for the February 5th Village Board Meeting as originally intended, and that formal notice of this would be published timely in both The Southampton Press and Newsday.

The suspicion here is that the Village "Fathers and Mothers" have a sense that this will be a contentious issue, and wanted to avoid questions and/or debate two months running.

As Chaplin long ago exhorted Groucho: "stay warm!"


1. Jack O'Dwyer said...

Dean: Nice coverage!

Thank you kind sir.

2. WR Moore said...

I still recall when the township I lived in for my first 40 odd years decided it needed a police commisioner. After he repeatedly played Supercop and involved the township in several lawsuits, they fired him and never replaced him.

Best wishes for burying this idea prior to enactment. In more PC-speak, delay it pending further study.

I really thought that's what she was going to say last evening, but she fooled me.

3. Beachgal11978 said...

Another month, another meeting, another study and no progress. What a waste!

Well, actually that Main Street study should be progress... a streetscape plan will be presented, then a decision must be made whether to fund it.

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