Jeez, Fred, say something, do something!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Jeez, Fred, say something, do something!

From this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition, page A5 story about Suffolk County extending the deer hunting season, a quote from State Assembly­man Fred W. Thiele Jr.:

"There isn't one single answer to this issue. I think we have to pursue lethal and nonlethal methods of popula­tion control."

Yes, Fred and State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle co-sponsored the legislation, respectively in the Assembly and the Senate, but why the equivocation?

As Westhampton Beach residents learned four years ago during a presentation by a specialist from the Department of Environmental Conservation, the only effective way to control the burgeoning White Tail Deer population is, to the horror of bambiists everywhere, through "lethal methods!"

"Nonlethal" solutions... trapping and relocation, trapping and sterilization, fencing (just ask my wife!)... simply don't work, and are prohibitively expensive due to labor costs.

The introduction of predatory animals... wolves, mountain lions... anywhere into the Eastern Long Island ecology, while intriguing, is also contraindicated.

Deer culls by hunting... ah, hell! killing!... are effective and have the salutary benefit of providing local food pan­tries with fresh, lean venison!

So, bambiists look away! And Fred, stop equivocating and get on with it! The driver's life you save just might be that of your new bride!

Congratulations on your nuptials, by the way.


While I am a firearms owner, I am not a hunter... so any cynics who suspect that my support for the population control of deer by hunting is just an excuse for "getting out there and shooting something," can disabuse themselves of that silly notion forthwith and with a right good will!


1. Coach K said...

...being able to hunt 150' from a structure (house) and not the property line seems a bit too close to comfort for me.

Nothing says "good morning" better in a soup kitchen than "fresh, lean" deer meat.

Um, that's why DEC-licensed "sharpshooters" are utilized!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Fred Thiele has a new wife? What happened to the old wife?

You know very well, madame, that I was not a fly on that or any other bedroom wall!

But I'm compelled to note that wherever she is, she probably wouldn't respond well to the appellation "old."
– Dean

3. Crabby said...

Golly, Jim Kametler hunted 'possum right smack next to his neighbor's houses....


4. EastEnd68 said...

But Kametler was a marksman – if I recall it only took seven shots to get that 'possum.

Not sure where that "marksman" narrative originated, but if he did fire seven rounds, he would have had to reload his five-shot S&W revolver... my recollection is that he discharged three rounds but with no definitive result.

5. EastEnd68 said...

I have to say this to Tugboat – she got too old!

Who, Tugboat Bertha? You wouldn't say that to her face!

If you're taling 'bout the first Mrs. Thiele, don't know... haven't seen her for years decades.

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