Officially Hosed!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Officially Hosed!

I knew it, my Clifton cousins Rick in Maine and Charlie in Florida knew it, even ESPN's Mike Wilpon, a huge Chicago Bears fan/Detroit Lions hater knew it!

Detroit Lions

And yesterday the National Football League's head of officials Dean Blandino made it nearly unanimous... the Lions got hosed when pass interference against Detroit tight end Brandon Pettigrew by Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens was initially called, then without explanation reversed.

Instead of first and 10 inside Cowboys territory, it was fourth and 1, then fourth and 5 with the Lions being forced to punt.

(And what a crappy punt it was... 8 yards!)

I'm unhappy that Detroit lost, of course, but what's also sad is that the circumstances of the wretched officiating... at least three missed penalties on that one play alone... is already giving rise of cries of a conspiracy to assure that the hometown Cowboys advanced to the next round in­stead of the Lions.

And for the love of J.D. Tippit, the city of Dallas still isn't over conspiracy theories from more than 50 years ago!


1. William Rodney said...

...the only thing worse than the officiating was watching the governor of New Jersey's man boobs bounce up and down when Dallas scored as he celebrated with Jerry Jones.

On a positive note, Matthew Stafford is a fairly serious NFL QB.

If it hadn't've been for that outrageously inept non-call, the story this week would have been about Christie in Jones' private box, and the amount of coverage Fox afforded his presence. Something's up with that, 'cause Christie's been keeping his head down since last September bridge traffic dust-up!

As a Lions diehard since Bobby Layne was under center (he and Stafford attended the same high school in Texas) in the early '50s, Stafford always has been a "serious NFL QB," as you put it. Not quite in Layne's class 'cause Layne was a winner, but just ahead of Greg Landry and Scott Mitchell. He had a lousy second half on Sunday, and if he makes a better throw to Pettigrew, the tight end makes the catch despite the pass interference, and the Lions are playing in Seattle this weekend!

2. Gang Greener said...

Obviously I'm not a Lions follower, but the NFL Security division might want to clock head linesman Jerry Bergman's banking records for any unusual spikes in deposits for awhile... it was on his say-so that back judge Lee Dyer's penalty flag was picked up.

So you've bought into the conspiracy theory, eh? Yeah, I know it happened in the NBA (cf: Tim Donaghy), but if there is even a hint of this in the NFL, the seismic shock would be even greater than it has been with the Roger Goodell issues.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Sad but true – the NFL does everything to help Dallas all the time.

My position hasn't changed in 37 years! I hate the "America's team" appellation... and I know it was hung on them 11 years before Jerry Jones took over, but I find him and that offensive!

4. Paul Haines said...

You guys have some bread and cheese to go with all that wine.

Take all the cheap shots you want! The Lions got hosed, and the whether they care or not, the whole world knows it!

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