Who does the math?

Monday, January 05, 2015

Who does the math?

Headline from Reuters news agency last evening:

Hundreds of police turn backs on NYC mayor at slain officer's funeral

Then there's this from RT (formerly "Russia Today"):

Cops turn backs on NYC mayor once more at slain officer’s wake

"Thousands of NYPD officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he delivered a eulogy...."

(Colored emphases added.)

So which figure is correct, venerable Reuters or the state-funded cable and satellite television channel directed to audiences outside of the Russian Federation, and which in it's nine-year existance has come to be regarded as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government?

Both of those agencies used the same photo by Reuters' Shannon Stapleton to accompany their reports:

Police turn backs on NYC mayor at slain officer's funeral

Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal characterized the num­ber as "many" in a video report and "Hundreds" in their on-line edition.

The New York Post, never one to accept second place in a hyperbole competuition, offered this lead:

"Thousands of NYPD cops, still seething over Mayor de Blasio's characterization of them as the bad guys, defied their commissioner and turned their backs on Hizzoner Sunday...."

In midtown, The Daily News for once, commendably, de­clined to outdo their rival tabloid and went with...

"Hundreds of cops turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio yet again Sunday as he delivered a eulogy for a fallen officer, flouting a request from Police Commissioner Bill Bratton."

(Props to the News for using "flouting" correctly.)

And as might be expected, The New York Times settled on:

"...hundreds of those officers made a silent show of pro­test against Mayor Bill de Blasio."

But then, today, ABC News, citing the Associated Press, proferred the inflated number:

"Thousands of police turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at the second funeral for an officer..."

Actually, it's not hard to figure out who has the more accurate figure.

Patrick Lynch - NYC PBA demagogue
A new voice is heard...

...in the Big Apple, and I can't wait for it and its shrill dema­gogu­ery to be stiffled!

Patrick Lynch is a 51-year-old square-jawed strident loud mouth who serves as President of the New York City Police Benevolent Associ­ation at a total of $130,764 double-dipped salary!

Given to absurd pronouncements in service to a union that seems to be unaware of the damage he's doing to its credibility, 2015 may reveal Lynch to be the most reviled Oirish labor leader in New York City since Mike Quill called a transit strike nearly half a century ago.


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