It is furiously to be desired!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It is furiously to be desired!

Brief E-mail from a reasonably squared away pal of four decades:

"A friend in the wholesale food supply business tells me he has heard that Fairway Foods has made overtures to Waldbaums about taking over their sites in Westhamp­ton Beach and Southampton Village - hear anything?

Fairway did this in both Queens and Plainview."

Wow! What a boon to the Village should this come to pass!

And at the same time, just the confirmation of Fairway's intentions would drive a stake into the black hearted scheme of Andrew Mendelson and Bob Gianos to build a new super market (or as they would have it, a "grocery store") East of the LIRR Station.

M'daughter was the plank manager of the Specialty Foods section when Fairway first opened its 20,000 square feet store by the West Side Highway at 135th Street almost 20 years ago... it is a far superior operation to that of the local Waldbaum's.

(Additionally, it's a safe bet that the former National's space would be occupied as well!)

And... it would actually attract people to Westhampton Beach!

Additional benefits

There's z-e-r-o downside to this possibility for anyone other than Mendelson and Gianos.

  • Having a Fairway Foods in the Village would be of tremendous benefit to any of the real estate people trying to sell houses in the area.
  • It would immediately mean one less papered-over retail space on a main thoroughfare.
  • It would establish that section of Sunset Avenue as a destination for shopping... no matter what winds up occupying the old bowling alley site.
  • It would increase the desirability of the two nearby vacant corners on Sunset Avenue at Mill Road.

It is something everyone should get behind to try and make happen!


1. Old part timer said...

You're the second person to mention this to me in the last three days. Maybe there's some truth to this. Gosh knows we could use it!

– Dean

2. Peggy said...

This would be the bees knees for sure! It is exactly what Westhampton Beach needs. Great product, great prices and good guys who operate a top operation.

Who do we talk to?

3. Jackie Bennett said...

It has been said that the Southampton Waldbaums is worse than this one in Westhampton Beach. The problems aren't the staff there, but the "suits" who decide what gets shelf space and what gets spent to repair the place, which from the looks of it is nada.

I didn't learn this 'til a decade or so ago, but manufacturers and distributors pay to get "shelf space," and a premium for "prime shelf space."

4. Jeanne Speir said...

O please O please O please let it be so! If I can't have a Zabar's, Fairway will do just fine.


5. Nutbeem said...

Fairway would have to make a considerable investment in both locations but being smart people, I hope they would see the long game here.

Does anyone know who owns the land? Are{sic} Waldbaums leasing or do they control the site itself?

Upon information and belief, Waldbaums leases from Staller Associates.

6. Beachgal11978 said...

This would be exactly what Sunset Avenue needs and exactly what Mendelson deserves!

Absolutely what the Village needs, but Mendelson is a developer... that's what he does. It's just what he seems determined to do is not in the best interest of Westhampton Beach.
– Dean

7. EastEnd68 said...

Fairways has an existing relationship with Staller.

Interesting to know... not sure if that's a good thing, though.

8. Hank Beck said...

Fairway needs 50,000 square feet plus. How big are the combined spaces on Sunset?

I don't know, but it's easy enough to find out.

Not sure the basis of your assertion, though... bear in mind that their plank store on the West Side of Manhattan (73rd Street, I believe) is only 5,000 square feet and the second one, built in 1995, at 135th Street beneath the West Side Highway, is 20,000 square feet.

9. Hank Beck said...

Douglaston bought at 50,000 – expanded to 56,000. Plainview bought at 50,000 – expanded to 52,000. Lake Grove bought at 50,000. They currently claim 70,000 SKUs. These locations have either large dense population centers and/or extremely easy access by car.

So, they're thinkin' big now-a-days.

I have a call in to Staller now hoping they'll give me the size of the Westhampton Beach store.


The Sunset Avenue location (Waldbaums and the former Nationals combined) covers just shy of 30,000 square feet, not counting the full basements for storage.
– Dean

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