<i>Red Fortune</i> redux

Monday, September 01, 2014

Red Fortune redux

We didn't make out so well when we initially tried to see what the new Red Fortune restaurant had to offer... it hadn't opened yet!

Several days later, Jeanne brought some unremarkable take-out home, and prudence decided it needed a shake-down cruise to get everything in order.

Realistically, 3½ months is time sufficient, and as that encompassed the crucible of a Hamptons Summer, we returned last evening with a modicum of optimism that growth pains had subsided to an acceptable level.

On the subject of "acceptable levels," we can unequicocally state without fear of successful contradiction that 141 Montauk Highway is the noisiest restaurant we've ever encountered... and it wasn't because tables of boisterous celebrants observing the end of Summer.

It's a loud room! We could not converse with one another across our table-for-two, so overwhelming was the din.

(While we didn't do an exact head count, it appeared to have about a 60%-70% occupancy. I would also note that I don't recall MiCole's/Jonesy's ever being that noisy even at its busiest.)

That said:

  • My Egg Drop Won-Ton Soup was acceptable and tasty... and on the menu, something which was unusual in ages past.
  • Jeanne's Pu Pu Platter... served sans hibachi... was also tasty and plentiful enough to wind up in our refrigerator for a later light lunch.
  • I am of two minds about my Orange Chicken entree... the poultry was so over-cooked as to be crispy beneath an über-abundance of corn starch and fructose! I enjoyed it viscerally while being con­sciously alarmed at the amount of goo in which it was struggling to stay afloat.
  • An entree, two soups, the Pu Pu appetizer, two glasses of wine and a couple of cold Coors Lights came to $77.99, more than I've been used to paying a deux in a Chinese-American restaurant, but hey!, this is The Hamptons and it may be the dregs but it's still Summer!
  • There was a language issue with our server, and if that was intended to add verisimilitude to the ambiance, that's a curious way of going about it.

So no raves for Red Fortune such as I had for eating-in (as opposed to take-out) at Johnny Chih's 30 years ago, but worth another shot... off-season on a slower evening.


1. Scarlett said...

Why was/is Egg Drop Won-Ton Soup unusual?

Used to be menus listed "Egg Drop Soup" or "Won-Ton Soup," and if one wanted a combination, "Egg Drop Soup with Won-Ton" was ordered... a simple-enough request and always accommodated. Sunday night was the first time I'd ever seen it as a menu offering.

2. Ronnie said...

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, where art thou?????

Keeping a low profile.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

That goop on your Orange Chicken had the consistency of alien phlegm. ewwww. Sticky, tacky, oversweet, abnormal. Can't Long Island's Asian establishments get over this bottled crap?

For the record, the Poo-Poo platter had microscopic shrimp, thickly layered in some dough. Perfectly fried, but still a massive carb load.

Where's Chef Ramsey when you need him?

Now that I thing of it, that may have been what your were telling me over dinner that nigh... but I couldn't hear you over the hubbub and clamor.
– Dean

4. Gale Seidler said...

We have had two good mealtimes there but they were at off hours – only a few people at the bar so no noise problem.

There was virtually no one at the bar... the racket was from the tables.
– Dean

5. EastEnd68 said...

One less place I need to go when I'm back to visit – thanks for the review.

Just one of the many little services OtBB provides.

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