The Shame of the NBA

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Shame of the NBA

The National basketball Association somehow survived the scandal of having a corrupt referee, Tim Donaghy, officiating games, so the league's forcing Donald Sterling to sell his Los Angeles Clippers team will be probably little more than a blip in NBA history.

It is, however, no less shameful an event... the entire action evolving from a private conversation between the 80-year-old Sterling and his "companion" V. Stiviano which she cov­ertly recorded, then released to TMZ.

(Stiviano1, née Maria Vanessa Perez, is running neck-and-neck with Nancy Grace for my pick of "Worst Woman of the Decade," and TMZ2 proof positive that American society is in irredeemable decline!)

Sterling's transformative sin?

The octogenarian Jew expressed, in what he thought was a private conversation and without using the "N-word," his desire that Stiviano not so openly associate with blacks or bring them to Clippers games!

For this Sterling was summarily banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.5 million, the maximum allowed by the NBA constitution. Silver stripped the owner of virtually all of his authority over the Clippers, banned him from entering any Clippers facility, banned him from attending any NBA games and told him he had to divest himself of the team he had brought to Los Angeles fron San Diego 30 years ago.

This was a panic move by the league, for since Chuck Cooper, "Sweetwater" Clifton and Earl Lloyd integrated the all-white 11-team NBA in 1950, by 2011 78 percent of the players on the 30 teams on the were black.

What we have seen over the past four months is a players revolt, and in order to keep the NBA viable, the league office and a majority of the other owners sacrificed one of their own on the pyre of political correctitude!

Would this have happened in Major League Baseball... ah there Marge Schott3!... or the National Football League?

(This action is undoubtedly giving team owners4 Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones some bad moments.)

The stench of hypocrisy surrounding this entire matter is overpowering, and is nowhere more evident than with the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP cancelling its plans in May to present Sterling with a lifetime achievement award5.

Their message is clear and diametrically opposite to what many have always believed... it doesn't matter what you do and all the good you've done, Donald Sterling, we cannot abide what you whispered in that woman's ear!

While this may have been a good day for the Los Angeles Clippers... obviously new owner Steve Ballmer isn't loath to spend... this was a dark day for much of America!

  1. Having already knocked down a Ferrari, two Bentleys, and a Range Rover as well as a $1.8-million Los Angeles duplex from Sterling, a year from now Stiviano will probably be billing herself as "The woman who blew up the NBA" in promoting her porn tape
  2. A "celebrity news" website and syndicated television program.
  3. Margaret Unnewehr Schott was the managing general partner, president and CEO of Major League Baseball's Cincinnati Reds franchise from 1984 to 1999. She was banned from managing the team by MLB from 1996 through 1998 due to statements in support of German domestic policies of Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler. During a deposition in another matter, it was discovered that she had used the N-word in referring to two of her players.
  4. It's a good thing Al Davis and George Steinbrunner didn't live to see this.
  5. A second such award from them!


1. Champ19 said...

As usual, you have nailed this. What happened to the concept of free speech in this country?

I would say that this amounts to confiscation of property, but Sterling did net about one billion, 700 million on his 300 million investment, if those previously reported figures are valid.

I would like to see Sterling turn around and use those newly gotten gains to sue the NBA.

I know, I know, only the lawyers would get rich, but at least he would force the NBA to defend themselves at great and long expense, and maybe the Commissioner would be exposed for the coward he is.

The real moral of this story is to remember we are always on "Candid Camera."

The league owners are idiots... none of them seem to realize that in allowing the Commissioner to do this to Sterling, they've effectively ceded rule to the players.

2. Coach K said...

...LeBron runs the NBA.

You're actually right... if he'd come out and said something like, "Look, he's an old fool with a young girlfriend making him crazy, and he's not going to learn any different at this stage of his life. He meets his payroll and he didn't go on a rant in the locker room... leave him alone," that pretty much would have been the end of it.

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