Sarah Clifton Rankin (1979-2014)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sarah Clifton Rankin (1979-2014)

Sarah Rankin, dancing with her dad Rick Clifton at her 2004 wedding.

Sarah, elder daughter of former Westhampton Beach residents Rick and Jane Clifton, passed away last evening, surrounded by family members at her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire after a cou­ra­geous eight year battle with stage 4 breast cancer. She was 34 years young.

She is survived by her Coast Guardsman husband Colin, son Cameron, 9, daughter Annabelle Jane, 8, as well as her brother Gorham and sister Erica Clifton Keay, her parents of Brooklin, Maine, maternal grandparents Pete and Nancy Cuthbert of Moriches Island, and numerous uncles and aunts including Lynne Jones of Westhampton.

From 1981
l-r: Gorham Clifton, Jane Cuthbert Clifton with Erica Clifton in arms, Jeanette Stowe with daughter Mija, Colin Speir and, squatting, Peggy Speir with Sarah Clifton. Summer 1981.
The Cliftons sibling at Christmas
l-r: siblings Erica, Gorham and Sarah Clifton at Christmas time.

There will be a family service and scattering of ashes on Saturday, July 12, near her parents home in Brooklin.


1. Woodie Clifton said...

This June will mark two years since we lost the warm bright light that Sarah provided to us.

This past Summer brother George's & Trish Debaun's daughter Laura gave back alot of light with her wedding.

But as we grow older less light seems to get through.

Welcome to "the back nine of life," Woodie.

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