Cringe-worthy, I tell you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cringe-worthy, I tell you!

During the course of what we who serve of Suffolk County Board of Elections think of as "the longest day1," the poll workers look around for a diversion, any diversion, to help pass the interminable hours.

(In the grand ol' days of polling at the firehouse, by 1:00pm we'd all read every year old FireRescue Magazine, thumbed-through the current firematic equipment catalogue, and glanced at Big Jugs in Bunker Gear! Yeah, that kind of boredom!)

But now the local polling place is the LGI2 Room at West­hampton Beach High School where one would think there might at least be a couple of text books to skim... but nooooooooooooooo!

What there was was a solitary issue of the June 2014 The Hurricane Eye which, according to what passes for the masthead...

" published once a year by the Journalism students of Westhampton Beach High School."

Great! Terrific! A highly laudable endeavor!

Then I got to the Junior Prom photos lay-out on page 5, and an involuntary cringe struck like a (soft) spasm.

There, on mid-page, accompanying an image of Lucy DiBen­edetto in what appears to be waistcoat, cravat and tails, was the caption "most unique."

"Unique" is unique and cannot be modified, an axiom drilled into us3 by our father more than 60 years ago, and it res­onates as strongly today as it did in 1948!

As with "pregnant," you is, or you isn't!

There's no "most," "nearly," or "almost."

There is only "unique" or "not unique!"

(And I'm a bit surprised that the Journalism students' Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Mett, didn't catch that gaffe and actually advise them as to proper usage.)

Yeah, I'm a language pedant, so it was definitely a cringe-worthy moment!

Highlight of the day...

Just after 1:00pm, an older couple, long-time locals both, arrived to cast their ballots... for last Friday's Mayor's race in Westhampton Beach.

Several inferences may be drawn from this incident, but, uncharacteristically, I will refrain from offering them.

  1. Which is any Primary Day with its long hours (4:00am-9:30pm) and little activity... it's just deadly!
  2. "Large Group Instruction."
  3. Purely by circumstance... she works for Board of Elec­tions as well... my sister was there, and glanced at the page but a moment before spotting the error.


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