The dirtiest primary I can recall is over

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The dirtiest primary I can recall is over

And now that Lee Zeldin is the last man standing for the GOP, and for the successive third cycle George Demos has been counted out, incumbent Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop must be having a good chuckle!

(Unofficial Suffolk County Board of Elections 1stCD Results show Zeldin finishing with 9,641 to Demos' 5,870, roughly 62% to 38%.)

No matter who won today's Republican Primary race in the First Congressional District, the mud-slinging opponents have done a great deal of the Bishop campaign's work for them!

It was the worst campaign for a primary, special or general election I've every suffered through, bar none. It was increasingly ugly, mostly on Demos' side, but Zeldin got sucked into it and did himself no favors.


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