Ray Dean to step down

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ray Dean to step down

Having successfully navigated the Scylla and Charybdis of an at times hostile Village Board and the anonymous venom of ignorant commenters on 27East, Westhampton Beach Chief of Police Ray Dean last month put in his 30 year retirement papers, effective June 30.

With eleven months remaining on his often controversial contract, Chief Dean felt that now was the perfect time to leave the position in which he has served for the past 15 years.

In finalizing his decision, the Police Chief said:

"It's been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Westhampton Beach, the Village in which I was raised and where my family goes back several generations."

Asked whether the results of Friday's election had anything to do with his decision, Chief Dean responded, "Only in the timing of this announcement. My papers have been in for almost a month now."

As someone who has closely observed the Westhampton Beach Police Department for almost half a century, Dean's management impact has been an enormously positive one, with Village taxpayers receiving greater value than ever be­fore... with a smaller force than when he started, the Chief had more men actually out patrolling the 2.9 square miles instead of watching videos in the station house lounge area or spending overnights cooping with their mistresses.

This no nonsense administrative style did not sit well with many long-timers who considered their job a "cushy" one, but the "dead wood" soon fell off through dismissal or early retirement, and the Village is the better for it.

As for a successor, Chief Dean was enthusiastic in his sup­port of Lieutenant Trevor Gonce:

"One of the responsibilities of a Police Chief is to make sure there is a competent line of succession... I've spent a lot of time preparing Trevor to move up, which wasn't difficult to do since he was born to the job."

Even the "political part;" Officer Gonce was the target of a vituperative trio of Trustees led by disgraced former Police Officer Jim Kametler before his lieutenancy was restored three years later.

Chief Dean leaves with his head held high and his depart­ment in much better shape than when he resigned his position as Village Trustee and moved over from Southamp­ton Town PD to take on a contentious job in the Village.

Thank you for your service, Ray. Enjoy your retirement.


1. Bridget Napoli said...

Ray did a wonderful job, I know I speak for the Building Department in saying we are going to miss him. Good luck to you, Ray.

The entire Village will miss him whether they realize it now or not.

2. BeachGal11978 said...

Ray Dean will surely be missed. He was an excellent Chief, and there is no doubt in any Village Resident's minds that Lieutenant Gonce will fill his shoes and be more successful than he has been thus far. He is an upstanding gentleman, a true professional and admired by all of his peers. There is no one else on the Police Roster that could even come close to doing a job better than Mr. Gonce. This Village would be honored and lucky to have him serve as their Chief. As honored as they should be for having Chief Dean. Ray – enjoy your life, your family, your freedom and enjoy being out of the papers!!!!!!

Aye that... and it should put a fresh spring in Annie's step as well.

As for Trevor, he'll be fine if they just let him do it his job and not play politics with him... Junior Palmer, please copy!

3. John Roland said...

I'm proud to say I've been a friend of Ray's for the more than 30 years I had the joy of living in Westhampton Beach. Chief Dean is one of the finest who's ever worn the uniform. He served the Village with honor and integrity. Enjoy your retirement, Ray. You more than deserve it.

Seconded and carried by acclaim.

4. EastEnd68 said...

Job well done – you have earned your retirement – enjoy.

5. Old-timer said...

Congratulations Ray, we are so happy for you and so proud of the job you did for the Village. You have always been honest and above board and we are so proud of the man you are. Even when they tried to bring you down you took the heat and proved yourself. Go with the thanks of the Village you served and know the love of our family follows you wherever the future takes you. God bless you, son.

– Mugs and Pop

6. Kathy Gristina said...

Congratulations Ray! Your honesty, integrity and professionalism will surly be missed. Walk out those doors with your head held high and the gratitude of your Village behind you! Thank you for all your hard work and enjoy retirement! Love you, Kappa!!!

Yeah, and screw the anonymous haters.

7. Aspatuck Gardens said...

We realize this is an incredibly turbulent time for the Village, but support everyone involved. Coming and going. From a personal standpoint, Chief Ray Dean has been nothing but a great public servant to us over the years. We couldn't say a bad word about him. We wish him the best in his retirement. We think departing Mayor Teller did a great job but we also look forward to a change where the Mayor has picked supporting local business as her platform.

I look forward to see how Mayor-Elect Moore intended to deliver on her campaign "platform."
– Dean

8. Robert I. Ross said...

Wishing Chief Dean a happy and healthy retirement. And, I loved your comment: "...anonymous venom of ignorant commenters on 27East." Truer words have never been said! You could have added: "Sitting home in their underwear!"

And you, sir, just elicited my first guffaw in over a week!
– Dean

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