A change at the top...

Friday, June 20, 2014

A change at the top...

Updated Saturday, 06/21/2014 – 05:41 pm

...as political newcomer Maria Moore easily bested four term incumbent Conrad Teller to become the first woman Mayor of Westhampton Beach in its 86 year history.

In winning the election, Mrs. Moore garnered 284 votes to Mayor Teller's 187 as 457 residents showed up at Village Hall to vote in person between Noon and 9:00 pm.

Running unopposed, Trustees Ralph Urban totaled 265 votes while Charlie Palmer, who shared line C with Mrs. Moore, finished with 301 votes.

Although not on the ballot, the big winner on the day was former Trustee Joan Levan who engineered Mrs. Moore's candidacy and successful campaign strategy.

In a late night text message thanking her supporters, Mrs. Moore wrote:

"I cannot wait to get started making our collective vision a reality."

Just whose "collective vision" she's referencing is unclear, and will bear watching.

One of those included in the "our" is certainly Mrs. Levan, and there are strong indications that others include Micky Biss and Andrew Mendelson.

On a personal note...

Congratulations to Mrs. Moore on her decisive victory, and to Mr. Teller, thank you for your nine years of service to the Village.


1. Scarlett said...

I don't understand the "hate" some of the posters on 27East have for Mayor Teller. It's not like he burned their barns and violated their wives. I always thought he was a decent man, perhaps a bit set in his ways sometimes, but I'm sad to see him go.

So what do you think the new gal will do?

I did battle with Mayor Teller for several years, starting with the appointment of Joan Levan as his replacement on the Village Board, and later letting the Levan-Kametler-Tucker led demotion of Trevor Gonce to happen.

But he soon found out that Levan was a viper at his bosom, and that Kametler was unworthy of his support (which he should have known all along!) and came around... we actually got chummy over the past several years.

As for what Mrs. Moore will do, she'll start by naming Junior Palmer Deputy Mayor, replacing Dick Haefeli as Village Attorney with someone more to Andrew Mendelson's and Micky Biss' liking (possibly with someone from Smith, Finkelstein), and see that Levan cronies get key positions in the Village.

It'll certainly give OtBB renewed focus.

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

If you decided to leave Dodge the houses outside of Gainesville are lovely and we could be neighbors again. Think Micanopy....

You're moving North, leaving Marathon?

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Still have our house in Marathon but bought a house on 36 acres in Cross Creek, about 25 miles outside of Gainesville. Beautiful live oaks, cows, and a change of seasons we don't see in the Keys. It's seven hours from here so an easy drive. We hope to spend most of our time up there and rent this house for months at a time.

So who's doing the milking at 5:00 am?

4. Barbara Ramsay said...

Oh I don't have cows! They live across the street at my neighbors....

Rats! I was enjoying the thought of you in a little milkmaid's outfit, sitting on a tiny stool, milking the cows mornings at 5:00 am....

5. Barbara Ramsay said...

Oh Dean I do miss you so! You can get that picture of the milkmaid's outfit out of your head immediately! Never happen. A few chickens maybe....

Chickens? CHICKENS? I don't know nuthin' 'bout no stinkin' chickens!

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