Someone at <i>The Press</i>...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Someone at The Press...

...has been paying close attention, and it's there for all to view when you open this morning's Western Edition and read the Editorial endorsement ("The Village Ballot," p.A8) for incumbent Mayor Conrad Teller.

That "someone" almost certainly is Editor Frank Costanza, and the part which most clearly demonstrates his under­standing of what Friday's Westhampton Beach mayoral election is all about is...

"...labeling Westhampton Beach as anti-business is an unfair oversimplification of the situation, a buzzword being tossed around by those who, at times, seem to enjoy flaunting codes that are in place to preserve the village's character."

The Press "gets it." Unfortunately the ones whining and sniveling don't.

And while she's doing neither, based on challenger Maria Moore's la-la-la-esque campaign platform, she doesn't get it either!

Before agreeing to being Joan Levan's stalking horse1, Mrs. Moore should, if not have spent more time around Village Hall, then at least familiarized herself with the Village Code, specifically Chapter 197: Zoning.

Never were truer words written

A parenthetical excerpt from the "Village Ballot" editorial:

"...Trustee Charlie Palmer [is] enjoying a free ride this year."

This year? Junior "The Mooch" Palmer has been working the angles on free rides his entire life!

  1. Mrs. Levan has taken pains to ingratiate herself with perennially disgrunted business woman Elyse Richman and angry developers such as Andrew Mendelson and Micky Biss.


1. Seeker said...

Bravo to Costanza on his editorial – well done!

My favorite part of the front page piece on Moore is her bizarre notion that the Planning and Zoning Boards should meet on the same day to hand off applications – as if the process was like a relay race! This woman is not only ignorant, she's stupid.

Stupid? Perhaps, but I think it's more a matter of z-e-r-o acquaintance with how local Government works.

2. Nutbeem said...

This election is about the one thing she isn't talking about... whether we want to suck the life out of our downtown. Mark my words, if we start over-ruling the zoning, we will end up with a downtown that's only good for methadone clinics. She – and any other candidate for mayor – needs to step up and take a stand on this issue. There's no better indicator of a hidden agenda than someone who can't address the issue directly.

In the grand scheme of things, you're absolutely right! But overall, it's about Joan Levan trying to retake control of the Village.

3. EastEnd68 said...

I think "take control" would be more accurate. Joan was a force but never had complete control.

No, she actually did... she had Hank Tucker tethered to her apron strings from the start from their time together on the Library Board (just like Maria Moore today), and then after getting Trustee Jim Kametler his lifetime dental care benefits, she had his vote, too. It was always 3-2 with Joan calling the shots and Toni Jo Birk and Mayor Teller, who appointed the woman to replace himself on the Board, in the minority.

She immediately turned on Teller like a rabid gerbil, and then last year did the same to Tucker when he refused to bend to her will.

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