They're b-a-a-a-c-c-k!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

They're b-a-a-a-c-c-k!

...the same gutless forces of slime and misrepresentation as came after me three years ago with an anonymous mailing attacking Connie Teller.

Headlined "Voter Fact Sheet," it's all negative and heavily slanted to cast Teller's administration in the worst possible light.

Every single "issue" cited, if anyone had raised it in an open forum or debate would have been addressed.


As one who has an eye for this sort of graphics detail, it's clear that the same anonymous poison-penners who produced similar mailings for Joan Levan and candidates she's backed in the past, also produced this one.

As one recipient who does keep current with what's hap­pening in the Village, characterized it as...

"...tiny bits of information twisted into a story that maligns and misdirects, and is composed of manure."

Two questions remain:

  1. Will Mayoral candidate Maria Moore publically repudiate the anonymous letter?
  2. Will enough voters reject it at the polls Friday to prevent returning control of Westhampton Beach to Joan Levan?

Stay tuned.


1. Crabby said...

Is this Ms.Moore's campaign's conception of the "change" we can expect to enjoy if she becomes MINO (Mayor in name only?)



I harken to the dark times of the McCarthy Era; quite similarly full of lies, innuendos, twisted reality and character assassination.

The foul McCarthy mess was finally brought to a head with a pointed question by Joseph Welsh:
"At long last, have you left no sense of decency? "
Clearly the people managing the Moore campaign lost all sense of decency years ago.

Our decent man, the Mayor, has not resorted to such ugly tactics. Furthermore, he knows how to operate a budget, manage matters of office, is present full time, easily handle hurricane operations, traffic, and other crisis with aplomb, politeness and solid competence.

Please show up for Mayor Teller at the Village Office on Friday. The people with whom Ms.Moore is keeping company gives me serious pause.

Additionally, Teller trumps Moore on the competency scale. In spades.

Teller for Mayor. It gives us another couple of years to see if there are community members willing to rise and risk the ire of the Anonymous Haters Club.
Well now... I find fault with nothing you said other than "aplomb." Dignity, yes, but not quite "aplomb."

2. Bruce Tria said...

Village residents should be more concerned about Mrs. Moore's views on zoning. Specifically, they should want to know her views on a proposed change that would allow a supermarket outside of the (downtown) B1 district, thus beginning the end of said business district.

I'd like to know if she's even thought that through.

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