Better get with it, Mrs. Moore...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Better get with it, Mrs. Moore...

...'cause time's running out with the 2104 Westhampton Beach Village elections just a week away.

From last evening's Newsday:

"Moore said she would push the village's small police department to achieve state accreditation...."

In process for over a year now... why don't you know that?

(Or are you suggesting that you can call an uncle in Al­bany who'll snap his fingers and make it happen before the week is out?)

Then there's this:

"Moore said she wants to survey commercial property owners to find out what is keeping tenants from renting."

(Anyone wanna field that toughie?)

Rental prices, dear lady, the cost of renting! No survey is needed to ascertain that, #1, and, #2, no glimpse of a well-turned ankle is going to get any landlord to reduce rates.

And finally:

" Maria Moore is pitching a proactive ap­proach to ... addressing water quality problems in nearby bays."

Terrific! Care to share just how? Have you been in secret meetings with the Southampton Town Trustees or a relevant State agency?

Platitudes and proposals are fine, but where are the details?

Seriously, what do you plan to do and how do you propose to do it?


...referring to Westhampton Beach as a:

"...resort community in western Southampton Town."

...once again reveals how out of touch with the East End Newsday is!

I think the last times our Village could be accurately de­scribed that way was sometime in the late '50s.

The byline reads "Will James," who toiled for The South­ampton Press Western Edition not that long ago... did he learn nothing from his apprenticeship here?


1. Bruce Tria said...

As I was traveling into Westhampton Beach this evening, I noticed the signs on the former Johnny Chih's. Ms. Moore essentially says that she'll get the vacant stores in the Village rented. Fair enough. However, spending a lot of time this Summer in your Village, I dare say Downtown Riverhead would love to have the vacancy rate that Main Street, Westhampton Beach has. They would be thrilled to death! The biggest question is this: does Mrs. Moore favor changing zoning to allow a supermarket outside of the downtown Westhampton Beach business district? And if she does, is she prepared to preside over the exodus from what has been one of the most successful Main Streets out here?

While I've seen no campaign disclosure form, one Village Hall insider has suggested that Andrew Mendelson is a major supporter of the Moore/Palmer ticket.

Problem is that Mrs. Moore has yet to provide any specifics about what she wants to do and how she proposes to do it.
– Dean

2. Jackie Bennett said...

I wish this comment from Bruce Tria were in The Southampton Press as well as on your blog so that the electorate... among them the Main Street merchants... would see if and understand the impact that Old Riverhead Road change of zoning would have on them. Also the landlords on Main Street need a wake-up call, too, if they plan to oust Connie Teller and vote for Maria Moore.

You are right, we don't know where she stands on the most important issues, not how she'd carry out (much less fund) the proposals she is making.

Tell you the truth, I just HATE politics.

I had an epiphany of sorts on Friday morning after reading the nasty comment about Conrad by one Phil Grossman following the Newsday primer on the Village Election. Grossman is in real estate, and wants no land use regulation that might interfere with his ability to make a deal.

Then it hit me... Grossman has for years likely been posting myopic nasty comments about the current administration on 27East as "realistic" (RE A-List-ic).

I've said for decades that the real estate business is reckoning the soul of Weasthampton Beach.

3. Seeker said...

Amen, Jackie Bennett!

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