As a reminder...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

As a reminder...

...that there's an election coming eight days from now in Westhampton Beach, we have:

  • Three letters in this morning's Southampton Press supporting Mayoral candidate Maria Moore.

    The one from Chuck Cary is relatively soft. Another is signed by "Tom and Patti Fahey1," a couple of heretofore invisible Village residents.

    Then there's Joan Levan, architect of Mrs. Moore's candidacy in an attempt to retake control2 of the Village and remake it entirely to her liking.
  • A low-key race has been made much higher with the erection of four large signs affixed to the one-time Chappy's Corner on Oak Street and Montauk Highway.
The Corner

To anyone unfamiliar with the history of that location, the message...

"Let's turn the lights back on in this and other closed businesses in our Village." a strong one... only if one has forgotten the recent history of that location in particular, and our National economy in general.

(What deal has the Moore team made with corner owner Mickey Biss for his support3.)

It comes down to this: people like Biss, Angelo de la Fuente and Andrew Mendelson want to do something with their property that is not permitted under Village Code, and are determined to stock the Village Board with those more sympathetic to their desires.

(Mendenson's developer partner, Bob Gianos, once threatened to "replace that entire (Village) Board" if he didn't get his way.)

There are many decisions made by Village Government with which I've disagreed over the 45 years I've been following its actions, but the current zoning that Joan Levan and her cronies4 are making noises about, is jus' fine the way it is.

I might feel differently about Mrs. Moore's candidacy had she ever attended a Village Board meeting and spoken up about any of the issues her campaign is touching on.

She's been to three Village Board5 meetings of which I'm aware, and never opened her mouth.

Wanna replace Conrad Teller? Have the courtesy to stand up and explain yourself.

  1. The Fahey letter closes: "If you are a registered voter, we hope you will vote for Maria Moore for mayor." This marks an upgrade in the Levan election strategy... from 2007-2010, she wasn't concerned whether the voter was properly registered or not.
  2. The Empress of Oneck had control of the Village Board for five years, but lost it after she stepped down and candidates she supported either lost or quickly moved away from her influence, having learned that, like Black Widow spiders, she eats her young.
  3. It was two years ago that Biss beamed in from some bizarro alternate universe to instruct the Village Board on land use concepts, and when last heard from was flailing his arms and threatening to sue the Village At­torney for his own inadequacies in the area of land use.
  4. In 2009 she was agitating on behalf of the Winhaven developers who wanted a second story added to their North Mall complex.
  5. And the first of those was four years ago when the Levan troika tried to pass the four illegal resolutions her husband Tom had drafted.


1. Crabby said...

Hey, Speir. Haven't written for awhile.

Anyone who has any sense of civic ethics and responsibility, before voting, should be reading this blog's blue links back to the events reported as they occurred; a spot-on synopsis of the facts. BE INFORMED, voters! That's all. Today, there is a Village with a proud history, established tradition, honor, calmness and stability, as well as a reasonable succession of Village leadership in place if need be. Don't vote out what makes Westhampton Beach the place you want to raise your children. Good luck, Connie Teller. You are a smart and righteous person.

The view here and more places than I would have expected, is that if the Village electorate had any sense of civic ethics and responsibility, Joan Levan would have been tarred, feathered and shipped back to Stubenville, Ohio, freight collect, thus assuring she'd be riding the rails for the rest of her days.

But you're right... though they rarely do, the voters should know what's going on.
– Dean

2. Terk said...

In the letters to The Southampton Press, Ms. Moore's proponents tout all of the great committees and boards she belongs to as well as her own law practice. With her involvement as Treasurer of the Westhampton Library, her involvement with Maureen's Haven, her fundraising efforts for the Peconic Bay Medical Center, and of course her own law practice. How much time does she plan to devote to the position of Mayor? Currently Conrad Teller is present at the Village office on a full time basis. He also devotes much of his time away from Village Hall to Village-related work. I was hoping to be able to speak with Ms. Moore at the last Village meeting, but she did not attend. Instead she sent her superior, Joan Levan!

In fairness, Joan Levan is usually there... we see each other but don't wave. But I and others noticed the conspicuous lack of a Moore presence. (People who know her have told me that she doesn't do well in public.)
– Dean

3. Scarlett said...

It's not just her young the Black Widow Levan eats: Conrad Teller is no spring chicken!

Right you are! She charmed Connie into naming her to replace him on the Board when he became Mayor. That was a very short honeymoon!

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