More on Murray Frank, Take 2

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More on Murray Frank, Take 2

If it's not God who works in mysterious ways, then the late Murray Frank has some powerful friends in very high places!

Word came several hours following this morning's OtBB entry that Murray's sister Joan had thoughtfully provided the solution to the entire problem by the simple expedient of passing away herself last weekend.

This means that when the Frank family plot is opened to receive Joan A. Frank this Friday, Murray will be able to rest beside her, along side their parents, Murray A. and Sophie M.

Frank family headstone in Westhampton Cemetery

Rarely was there been a happier resolution to a sad story!

And as local attorney cum Rotarian cum wag Hugh Merle noted, "You can't write this stuff!"

Nope, you can't... but you can write about it: ibid.


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