More on Murray Frank, R.I.P.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More on Murray Frank, R.I.P.

...except that whatever pace in which he'll be requiescat, isn't what he intended... or, we're from the Government and we're going to bury you in Calverton National Cemetery whether you wanted it or not!

The rub is that when Murray Frank passed away last month, he died intestate, and without a documented Will to provide instructions on how one wishes heirs or the State to pro­ceed, like it or not. the Suffolk County Public Administrator has a procedure it is obliged to follow.

Accordingly, services for Captain1 Murray Frank, U.S.A.F. (ret.) will be held this Friday, 2:15 pm, at Nolan & Taylor-Howe Funeral Home in Northport, with interment to follow at Calverton with military honors.

Never mind that Murray wished to be buried in his family's plot in Westhampton Cemetery... the space is reserved... and the headstone was ordered...

(The Frank family obviously felt strongly about this; Murray's mother had his father disinterred from River­head and re-buried in the family plot where their head­stones stand alongside one another.)

The lesson from this is to not die intestate.

  1. Per Murray's Form DD 214.


1. Lorelei said...

His sister couldn't step up? Where was she? Westhampton Beach will be less interesting without him.

You missed the update, Ma'am... she was in hospice care in Western Nassau, and passed away four days ago.

In dying, however, she did "step up." Now say a wee prayer for Murray and Joan.

2. 1340 said...

I had been told over the years that he was a retired bird Colonel (O-6). I note his headstone says "Lt. Col.," and you refer to him as a Captain. Last saw him a few weeks back at 7-Eleven in Riverhead. Months worth of newspapers crowding him into the drivers seat of his maroon pick-up. I felt sorrow for him in his loneliness.

I know how he was addressed (casually), and of course I know what the headstone reads. But I also know what his DD 214 states, that his Separation Documents make his an Air Force Captain (O-3)

3. Lorelei said...

Didn't know his sister was in hospice. Wee prayer for them already done.

Services for both this afternoon (6/13) at 2:15 pm at Westhampton Cemetery.
– Dean

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