Anti 'Redskins' Campaign

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anti 'Redskins' Campaign

Call me an insensitive old fud, but I'm with Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington National Football League fran­chise, in his unwillingness to change the nickname of his team.

The latest weapon being brought to bear is a 60-second version of this advocacy video airing in seven television markets1 during tonight's Game 3 of the National Basketball Association finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.

(That's right... a basketball game!)

It's a well-produced spot with compelling images and a strong message... but then it is designed to evoke an emo­tional response, rather than a rational one.

It reminds me of 1971's anti-littering "Keep America Beau­tiful" public service spot featuring noted "B" Western movies actor, "Iron Eyes" Cody... and just as fake.

"Cody," Louisiana-born Espera Oscar DeCorti, a son of Sicilian immigrants, worked hard to maintain his bogus Native American credentials right up to his passing in 1994.

(What was real was the distinctive basso pro­fundo voice-over by actor William Conrad.)

So the forces of political correctitude have again ginned up in an attempt to force Snyder, through a public relations on­slaught, to abandon the 81-year-old identity of his team!

Should they succeed,'s next stop will likely be Atlanta, Georgia and Cleveland, Ohio.

  1. Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Sacramento.


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