Mona Freeman (1926-2014)

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Mona Freeman (1926-2014)

Monica Elizabeth Freeman

Although far from a household name, Mona Freeman's was a familiar face throughout the '40s and '50s, usually as the ingénue, being typecast as a teenager into her 30s.

She died May 23 in her Beverly Hills home after a lengthy ill­ness according to her daughter, actress Monie Ellis.

Never formally met her, but saw her shortly after she divorced her first husband in the mid-'50s when she was dating Pete Rogers' uncle Ted Bridgeman and they attended a party at the Griffing house next door.

I was mildly ga-ga... my very first movie star sighting.

Not a beauty, but one of the prettiest gals I've ever seen...

...and at age 15, the most famous of the ±200 girls to be named to the "Meet Miss Subways" program between 1941 and 1976.


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