Who doesn't like cowboys...

Monday, June 02, 2014

Who doesn't like cowboys...

Robert Taylor as "Walt Longmire"

...particularly of the lean and lanky sort, men of few words with weathered faces and a hankering to help those in need.

Could be describing Sam Elliott, but in this instance, it's "Walt Longmire" played by Austra­lian-born Robert Taylor who has every­thing that Elliott has but the purring baritone and Katherine Ross for a real-life wife.

Based on the novels of Craig Johnson, "Longmire" enters its third season this evening on A&E, and is one that has had me involved throughout its 23 episodes.

Set in the new West, "Walt Longmire" is the freshly widowed Sheriff of Wyoming's fictional Absaroka County where, while solving crimes, he battles resentful Native Americans, pow­erful real estate developers and gaming interests, a nosy Denver detective laboriously investigating a suspicious homicide related to the violent death of Walt's wife... and the bottle.

The man has demons, some of which appear visited on him by Cheyenne shamans.

There's not a lot of shootin' and ropin', and the bulk of the ridin' is done in Rams and Silverados, and sometimes in bat­tered ol' pick-up trucks.

But the characters are strong, the performances solid, and the continuing narratives intriguing.


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