It's getting pretty thick in the 1st CD

Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's getting pretty thick in the 1st CD

This has got to be a very laid back time for Congressman Tim Bishop (D, Southampton) even though he faces a tough re-election campaign in November.

While his Republican opponents, the party designee Lee Zeldin and perennial challenger George Demos, are locked in a bitter primary battle, the do-nothing Bishop1 can keep his head down for at least another four weeks and enjoy the perquisites of his office on The Hill.

The most recent salvo in the intra-GOP struggle was a TV spot, less for Demos than it was aimed at Zeldin, positioning him along side House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.


The brief spot is paid for by Americans for Common Sense and contains the disclaimer:

"Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee."


Then who are they2, and who do they support?

One cannot tell anything from their Website, even the "About" page, so who are they, where are they based, and how do they support their Zeldin/Pelosi contentions, espe­cially since Demos is the one with ties, albeit somewhat tenuous ones3, to Pelosi?

Curious, no?

It's not the first time during this primary race that Demos or his supporters have tried to tar Zeldin with a deceptive brush, as exposed, appropriately, on George Washington's birthday, by the respected LI

Camou-bloge – New Website tries to blur the difference in Demos-Zeldin race

LI Politics comments "Tricky little devils, huh?" They're being kind.

It's out-and-out deception on behalf of Demos, and he and his myrmidons can deny involvment all they want, but if he tries to deny knowledge of that parallel stealth cam­paign, then he's another Nixon!

  1. In fairness, Bishop isn't a complete "do-nothing;" he serves as a reliable rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi.
  2. One of the worst negative TV spots targeting Zeldin, calling him a "coward," at least had the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee identifier attached.
  3. Demos and Pelsoi have contributors in common.


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