The <i>other</i> store at 223 Montauk...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The other store at 223 Montauk...

...being the first ever fast food franchise permitted in Westhampton Beach, Dunkin' Donuts, which opened just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

My initial assessment is that, if they couldn't've gotten it together a week earlier, they should've put the actual open­ing off several days and had their shake-down cruise in a less customer-intensive period.

Stuck my nose in there Day #2, that Saturday around 9:30 am, and they were out of control!

The line was backed up to the door, and was chock-a-block with customers who would have been right at home on the "People of Walmart" site, many with the money-saving cou­pon sheet clutched in hand1.

(I mean, we're talkin' double-wide polyester on the bottom, 3X shirt on top!)

One of the coupons offered any size Coolatta for $1.99, and I was interesting in trying one... Ennnt!

"Sorry, Sir, that machine isn't working at the moment. The repairman is trying to fix it right now."

O, well....

I put in my order for a couple of breakfast-style sand­wiches, paid the man2 and went to the other end of the counter to await fulfillment of my order just as the re­pair­man was trying to make his way out.

"Up and running now?" I asked conversationally.

"There was nothing wrong with it to begin with... gotta bunch of untrained newbies is the problem."

(Yup! Coulda used that shake-down cruise, alright!)

When I got home with our food, an Egg White with Turkey Sausage on a Flatbread for Jeanne and a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant for me, we decided they were fine but nothing to get excited about like McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffin, the ne plus ultra of such fare.

I went back mid-week and tried the heavily-advertised Chicken Apple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and a Vanilla Bean Coolatta. The former was tasty as was the latter... 'til one reached the bottom third of the beverage where it was all little more than slush ice.

Assessment and prospects?

Undistinguished and not likely to be one of my regular stops, coupons or not.

But I might stop from time to time to lay in a dozen or so donuts... hey!, they're not Krispy Kremes so they couldn't hurt me, right?


Thanks to the foresight of the Westhampton Beach Planning Board, there exists a reciprocal access agreement between the property at 223 Montauk Highway and the adjacent parcel to the West, site of the old Merrick Inn.

What it means is there is ingress and egress to Westhamp­ton True Value Hardware and Dunkin' Donut from Sunset Avenue through that property, a boon to those who'd rather not play dodgeball with Summer traffic on Montauk Highway turning into those businesses coming from the East, as well as trying to exit onto that straightaway under similar conditions.

  1. Me too!
  2. Apparently the manager, working himself into a full-blown flop-sweat.


1. Terk said...

Just a short clarification... the access from the old Merrick Inn parking lot is one way and only leads out of the True Value/Dunkin Dounuts parking area. Also, there is nothing in the Village code that does not permit fast food establishments. Most fast food establishments have not yet found Westhampton Beach as a viable market. Yet! With your pressence at the Dunkin Donuts, does that mean we can look forward to seeing you on "People of Walmart" anytime soon?

  1. Okay... haven't availed myself of it yet, but the egress part is the more important.
  2. And........
  3. Not if I avoid further excursions to Dunkin Donuts.
– Dean

2. Michael Jacobs said...

Yes... the opening was a little rough. I tried the new Dunkin Donuts last week. Line was to the door. Chaotic behind the counter and apparently only one employee entrusted to take payments and ring the register. In fact only one register. I was told there was a limitation imposed by the Village. Their coffee is good... and inexpensive but for the few cents more I prefer Hampton Coffee Company.

I'm not that fussy about my coffee on those rare occasions when I'll buy it out... Jeanne is that fussy, and fresh-brews a helluva cuppa... but in a pinch, I prefer 7-Eleven.

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