If it bleeds, it leads...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If it bleeds, it leads...

...has been the axiom of tabloid news media for more than a century, but now it's permeated the mainstream and turning them into little more than ghouls, witness this CNN "interview" with Isla Vista murder victim Christopher Martinez' father from earlier this week:

I understand Richard Martinez' grief and anger... however misplaced it is... but what I find unprofessional, unconscion­able and, frankly, disgusting in the way correspondent Kim Lau lead the "interview."

That seems to be an routine practice of CNN's on-air staff, something I first noticed last Fall in the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney when "moderator" Candy Crowley injected herself forcefully into the debate.

I dislike and distrust CNN almost as much as I do NBC.


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