Voyage to The Bays

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Voyage to The Bays

At least that's what it seemed like for the final mile or so of our trip last evening to Hampton Bays for dinner with the Miggins girls... Dune Road was sooooooooo wet that I would've been better off in one of my Dad's old DUKWs than my four-wheel drive Escape.

At one point, about one-quarter mile short of Ponquogue Bridge, in second gear with Jeanne reminding me "No wake!" as we waded along at parade ground speed, I look­ed out the window and saw two small ducks...

...making better time to the East than we were!

Two things occurred to me during this amphibious trek:

  1. If we weren't at actual High Tide at that moment then we are all in big trouble and I owe an apol­o­gy to Al Gore!
  2. I can't hang any part of that wretched road surface around that clown Alex Gregor's neck as keeping up with the repairs is beyond Southamp­ton Town's capabilities at this point, so Madame Supervisor better signal the troops1 to send in sandbags and a huge chunk of money!

Our destination was a new one for us, The Inn Spot On The Bay, the former Bayview House which the present owners a dozen years back set about to reclaim from disrepair and disreputability.

They've done a helluva job of it, too!

I cannot speak to the accommodations part, but the Miggins sisters love to stay there for holiday weekends when they venture to the Hamptons, and they're pretty fussy!

Our dinner was exceptional from start to finish... we excluded dessert so filling and satisfying were the soups, appetizers and main course: Crustaceous Pot Pie, Lobster, Shrimp & Scallops in a rich bechemal sauce for the sisters (though Meg requested a not-so-rich-version), Beef Wellington for Jeanne and White Shrimp in a (mildly) spiced sauce for me.

Detail of a photo by Dana Shaw

Cheffe™2 Colette Connor, who started in the business with Herb McCarthy at Bowden Square, and her partner Pam Wolfert have put together a deceptively simple menu, ele­gant but without pretensions.

There's a number of other items we'd like to try... for breakfast/brunch/lunch as well... so we'll be returning in the not too distant future.

The Inn Spot On The Bay has been there for 11 years, and I'm both surprised and alarmed that we haven't been there before.

  1. Being Fred Thiele, Ken LaValle, Tim Bishop, Chuck Schumer and Kristin Gillibrand!
  2. A trademarked coinage of her own devise, and a brilliant one on all counts. It's a good story, and she should be the one to tell it.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Note the ducks were paddling faster than we were.

Well, with you hollering "no wake!" and me taking care that nothing in the undercarriage was getting immersed in sea water, it's not surprising... besides, they had webbed feet! We didn't stand a chance.

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